So much has gone on since my Birthday

Its true! Some of the high and low lights. more of the low lights really

-From Christmas till the end of Feb I had something called a Whopping Cough which is very contages and spreads really easy. The health dept got involved with my case. I was only out of work for 2 days. I feel much better now.

-My job has gotten to become really stressful and to the point where i was almost crying about it because of my boss. being a school costodian should not be this rough. But I think everythings gotten back to normal and better I hope. i do not think my boss likes me very much but we all have good and bad days.

-Currently the coronavirus is around the world and everything is shut down and we are home. they we are on lock down for around a month and the schools open back May 15th but i doubt that will happen till the next school year.

-Now for the good news we got a new pup his name is Brookyln and he is a Golden Doodle. Cute but very wild only 3 months old.

-all the movies from the theater are now for at home viewing since everything is closed.

2020 and I am 39!


Today I had to go to work that was kind of a drag, but when I got home it felt more like my birthday! I bought a pizza for the both of us, and got some nice gifts...

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Christmas 2019

My Christmas break started December 20th after school was let out. I ran around to Lowes, walmart and other places to bring some nice breakfast items home for the holidays, even treated my self to a haircut!. Came home very tired but i went out again to have dinner with Doug. it was nice to catch up with him, he said he would be busy for the entire break! Next day on Saturday mom had to go to belks and i stayed home and watched the first half of The Marvelous Mrs Mazale season 3. It was nice just to be home and realx and calm down and say i am on break!  Next day on Sunday I went to vist some friends, one of them wanted me to go to a store with them, i did not really want to go i wanted to finish up my show and go back to being by my self and i think i was starting to come down with something. On monday we went to walmart (i think thats where i might have caught something not sure but i had the start of something) to get some items. That night I took some med which made me some what crabby on Christmas eve day it was still in my system. but we had a nice day that day. it was time to go to bed and wait for santa to see what he would bring us...Collapse )

Thanksgiving Weekend

My Thanksgiving Holiday began at 1pm on Wenesday (we had to go into the school for a few hours that morning) After school I went to walmart to pick some items up for my room, to bomb my room for fleas and other thanksgiving items. Mom was happy to see me at home and she needed my help, she was getting upset about the turkey so we sat down and asked what would be better for her to cook the turkey she bought for $4 or get a premade turkey in a bag for $20? We both went for the premade turkey because I wanted the entire day to be easy for her. Went to bed super early that night and slept the whole night. Woke up early on thankshgiving, had a nice breakfast and started to work around the house vacume, dust that sort of thing. While the paraide was on i went online to see what was for sale for BF. its the same stuff every year. i was tempted many times. Later on the family came over, it was Jim, Terry, Sara, Maggie, Robert, Barbra and 2 others with my mom and I. During the time while they were here i was out in the kitchen serving drinks and so on. Trying to let mom enjoy her self. Later on we had our thanksgiving dinner, we went around the table to say what we were all thankful for. It was nice to see everyone was thankful for everone around them.  During dinner i got so upset because i think of the noise i went into the kitchen to just clean away for a while. well everyone had desert after the turkey. they said there goodbuys and that was it.
I was super tired, we went to bed around 730-8pm. Friday i started to get the house back to normal. went to walmart to see about some items most of the big ticket itmes were gone. that was fine. later on i watched The Irishman - such a good movie!
Saturday my mom and i went up to wilmington. first was target. i looked at my itmems and mom bought some clothes. had lunch then off to best buy. i was in there for such a long time. i was looking at other soundbars and smart speakers. Everything looked like it was going to cost me a bundle to upgrade.....well whats not broke does not need fixing. so we came home. i went oniine to see how much it could cost to get some wired cube speakers, a new controler, speaker wire and it turns it under $100 so i am going to re do my room with my resever and bring my soundbar downstairs. watched a bad movie and went to bed.

Work in the school system!

A few weeks ago (Halloween) I was able to get a job in the school system working as a costodian. I know it is not a dream job but I am able to get benfits and decent money out of the job.  The job was going to be working at Southport Elementry school which is only like 4 min from my house.  The job had gotten filled so it was moved over to the Middle School.

I started my new job yesterday November 18th. How was it? It was rough. I have to clean 6 classrooms, hallway. 2 bathrooms,
the front office and libary.  During my first day I kept on saying what did I get my self into? i hate this job. Feeling scared also. When a school is empty it becomes a very lonly place. During my first day at some point i wanted to cry because I was thinking of home, my mom, bono and oreo. how much i missed them and how lonely i felt while working. I told my self do not cry sean, try not to cry you can hold it in.  When I was able to get home I cried for a good 30 min and telling mom how i felt inside and she felt sorry for me and sad for me. I am unsure if i like the job. I just felt so sad there. I am not aorund people after hours. i just keep to my self and work. But as soon as I got home last night i gave everyone a big hug and kiss and told everyone how much i missed them and how much i love them.

My new work time is 12pm-730pm monday-friday.

People at caswell they said what if you do not like the job? What will you do? They did not want me to leave. I told them at the time that I need to have benfits and weather I like it or not I have to stay because its giving me benfits and better pay. I think the reason why I cried was because of many things, the overwhelming job, the amount of work i have to do,  I think it was the changing jobs within a week. Friday was my last day at Fort Caswell and Monday (yesterday) was my first day at the middle school. Thrown into a new envirment qickly.  Today is my second day. I hope I do better

High School Reunion/IKWYDLS Screening

Friday October 4th 2019 -High School Reunion at the high school 20 years later!

-The event began around 530 so i drove up to the school around 5pm to get a good parking spot. i had no idea where we would meet because the school had changed so much since the last time i went to school there BUT i did go back in 2013 for college there i had an idea what the inside looked like but not the outside. I found the old cafferteria and most of the gang was already there i am not going to name names because there was alot of them! We all hugged and caught up with each others lives. the tour was starting first stop was the old gym, we walked around the hallways of the school each of us had our own memorys of our teenage years there. the drivers ed class was the same class now as it was back then. we went into the new library. found old year books, went into the new part of the school. 30 min later it was over and it was time to go to the football feild. I spent my time with Gia, sitting talking with her and other old friends around me. Then I get a call, it was mom, she could hear it in my voice that i was having fun she was so happy for me! i was so happy to talk to her! Then got some food and drinks while watching the game. Gia's daughter won homecoming queen! Then our class of 99 queen queened gia's daughter and that was passing the tortch! so nice! Around 930 everyone wsa starting to leave some people were going to the next event on saturday, some made a special trip just for this event. The next stop some people were going to the pub to have a drink and catch up. So thats where i headed next. At the pub i went into the pizza place before and shared a pizza with some classmates and we shared stories and laughs. At the pub I had a hard cider and only had one because i had to work the next day. I left at 11 to go to bed.  While friends were still there hanging. Such a nice night!

Saturday October 5th 2019- On Set Cinema presents I Know What You Did Last Summer screening in Southport NC!
Before the event there were 2 event tickets the VIP ticket or the general ticket. I picked the VIP ticket.

Event 1 on the VIP ticket was a cookout at one of the locations - you had to PAY for the food! come on! So it was rather quiet and i wanted to leave quick but i stayed and started to slowly talk to people. at one point everyone was sitting looking at there phones. Kenny, the guy who put this together is almost a mini celberty, he made a replica of the myers house here in NC and has a halloween bash for the public to come and join. So we all talked to him and others. I went back home to look for my scrap book because i thought it would be cool to show off. So I found it and walked to the theater in town where the next event was going to happen.

Event 2 on the ticket was a walking tour of the locations from the film. Kenny was in charge of this one, he walked thoughout the town with his note cards telling all of the event guests about filming facts of each location of what scene was shot here. I some what enjoyed this event but by now I had my own followers because i let some of them look thru my scrap book and I could tell them the real dirt that went on during filming because I was there for most of it/ all of it. It was funny to go by my house and say this is my house and this is where the photo was taken of my self and the others.  There was a lul between events after the walking tour. So everyone went out to have dinner on there own while Kenny was busy setting up for the screening. I had dinner at a burger place in town. Felt good to be a tourest in my town and enjoying it. I was also on a high from the night before. During this time i also let others look thru my scrap book.

Event 3 on the ticket was the Costume contest and giving the VIP ticket holders to go up to the second floor of the theater (where now equipment was being held) to take photos of where Barry got killed in LAST SUMMER. The contest was kind of funny, men in drag, locals in southport dressing up, michael myers and the prize was horror goodies.

Event 4 on the VIP and now General tickets was the screening of the feature film. It was kind of cool to watch the film where in a location where it was filmed at but to tell you the truth the west street theater is where its at!  After the event i said goodbye to my new friends and showed my scrap book off to others who wanted to see, all were amazed by it. It was a nice event and a nice local thing to do in my own town.

Disney World Trip Sunday Sept 8 - Sat Sept 14 2019

Sunday Sept 8th 4am
 Both of us my mom and i wake up that early for a 7am flight in wilmington.

5am - we leave Southport driving to Wilmington NC

7am- on the plane going to ATL

1130am- We arrive in Orlando Airport! woohoo! and hop on the Disney Magical Express to POP Centery!

We arrive afternoon at POP. it feels so good to be back to our fav. place! It feels like home! Mom and I walk around the food service aria to look for something to eat because we had not really eatten anything wonderful in the last few hours. We we pick our food out, I have chicken parm ($12.99) and mom has a sandwich. The food was okay. But it just felt so good to be back. we were smiling from ear to ear.   After lunch we go to our room for the first time. And now they have updated the room. They look so much better now!  We unpack and start to watch TV ( we no longer have cable to it was so nice to have cable again. So a few hours later I took a bus down to Disney Springs (Downtown Disney/ Disney Marketplace) to just let it all sink in.
While in Springs I had a milkshake, took a boat across the river. Went into the World of Disney Store (a new remodel of it) it is much bigger more space to it. I later had a sandwich from earl of sandwich. People watched for awhile. Took the bus back to home and went to bed. Time to get rest for the next first full day in Disney.

Monday Sept 9th 2019
Wake up! Its 730am! Its time to get ready to go to the park!  It took awhile but both of us woke up. I went down stairs to the lobby to hang out for awhile and see the morning crowed.  So happy to be there and ready for breakfast! I also got a chair massage in the morning and it felt so good! So my mom had a plate of breakfast goodies but it was not so very good. The food was cold. I had the kids meal for choclate chip pancakes. it was good but kind of cold. After breakfast we took the bus over to the Animal Kingdom. We had not gone to this theme park in 3 or so more years because its always been the most oddest park to the us. Also 3 years ago Pandora was built. And the croweds were always crazy such as 2 to 3 hours wait. So we thought we should wait. And low and behold Star Wars opened up which made the wait for this land alot less crazy. Boy this park is big!  I got mom a wheel chair and started the up hill climb. Did not know how some what out of shape i was but then again it was also very hot outside!  Our first ride was the Kilimanjaro Safari. We always use to love this ride because of the amount of anaimals we would see from lions to elephents and so much more. Let me tell you this time around the ride was more bumpeer then ususal. I was also squshed by the window (not from my mom) but from 2 really over weight people next to her (2 rows down was an empty row! come on!)  During the ride I was also worried about my mom's back from her surgery last year. So we were both glad when the ride was over.  After our ride we went to some of the stores. They were okay. The stores were showcasing The lion king. We were onto our next part of the park Pandora (Avatar Land) i was kind of excited for it. But when we stepped into the new land (there was no big fanfair like "this is pandora") We saw the big hanging rock and said ah okay I guess we're here! Took a photo near it and moved on. (No music or anything to really get the feeling that you were there) We came to our ride The Na'vi River ride. We had a fastpass so we walked right on. Wow! That was such a nice beautiful ride. I started to film it but I said I am just going to enjoy and be in the moment and let me capture it in my head. It was so nice and relaxing.  The ride felt so short because I have the soundtrack to the ride and the song plays for roughly 6 min.  But it was such a nice ride. We skipped the main ride which is called "The Flight of Passage" because the wait time was around an hour. (more on a wait time later) We were getting hungery so we chose to eat at the "Satu'il Canteen" because everything looked so very good. And it sure was! I had the slow roasted sliced beef with a salid and a special drink. My mom had chicken with black beans and rice. She enjoyed it but I think i enjoyed my food much more and it was so fresh! The best thing there!    After we went into the giftshop and right away were around kids (this trip had too many wild kids with awful parants and also too many babies and new borns! come on! - make a month or so for adults only in Disney without the kids!)
We tried to walk around the shop. i saw somethings i liked and was going to pick up but in the end i passed and glad i did.
By this time we were kind of both getting hot and tired and over this theme park. And yes we had only done 2 rides. So 3 pm or so we were out of the park and back at the hotel chilling out for the rest of our day and night.  We wanted to rest because the next day would be more chilling out but also we were going to Mickey's not so scary halloween the next night.

Tuesday Sept 10 2019
Today is a day that we took it easy during the day. We woke up, I went to the food court and hung out there for awhile. soaking in everything. I brought breakfast back to the room so we could just have a quiet breakfast away from the food court and people. After breakfast I went to the Hippy Dippy Pool for awhile by my self. No one was really in the pool so i had it some what to my self. After 30 min or so my mom came and she got into the pool and we stayed for a while more in it. felt good ot be in the pool.  so after the pool i got dressed and just hung out around the hotel for a few hours while my mom was taking a nap. in that time i went to the arcade and played some video games pin ball, pac man, space invaders and so on but on really big screens! Before we went to the magic kingdom we had some ice cream at the food court. We left for the MK around 315 or so in the afternoon.

We were going to Mickey's not so scary halloween party. So the plan was this - stand in a line to meet a few people, then ride some rides and try to do some trick or treating before nightfall.....this is how it really went.......After walking to the MK from the bus stop and waiting in line for wrist bands and getting into the park. We got inside the park around 4pm when the party unofficaly started for us. We were both so happy to be in the magic kingdom. We got into the town hall where 3 charaters were going to be for a meet and greet  Mickey Mouse in a Halloween Costume and then Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.  So mom and I got into the line for Jack and Sally. The line looked some what long but not that bad...or so we thought....It took us almost 3 hours yes 3 HOURS to meet Jack and Sally! So from 4pm-7pm we were waiting.  But I will say they were both very kind.

I was doing my best in trying to take some photos of the park while walking. It was a mix of park guests trying to leave and party people trying to load into the park. We were off to TomrrowLand.  We skipped over the Monsters Inc Halloween show, We were getting hungery so we stopped to get something to eat and just look around. Our first ride was the people mover. a great ride but also a good ride to get the lay of the land with. While on the ride it stopped into SPACE MOUNTIN now for the halloween party the ride was complately dark with an overlay of scary music. When getting out of the SM tunnel we looked around and saw Wino! (lotso hugging bear!) that was our next person to meet!  While in line we talked to a family from England. They were so very kind people.  Wino or Lotso made everyone so happy. he was hugging people, just making everyone smile from ear to ear. He even wanted peoples candy! It was our turn and mom told Lotso why we call him Wino, he loved it! He gave mom a big hug, I then gave him a really big hug and told him how much we love him! Lots of photos were taken. After Wino, we got some bags to get some candy (in the end we did not get too much candy but enough) By the time we got to Alce's Tea Cups I was not having a good time because it got dark and the croweds were crazy - i think at this point the party was a sold out event! We some how made our way to the haunted mansion and we rode that ride. Then made our way around to a good view for the fireworks and we watched them.   After the fireworks we stopped into one of the stores to take a look. to me it was more of the same items. So finaly made it back to the hotel after midnight. It was time to go to sleep.

Wenesday Sept 11 2019 Disney Hollywood Studios!
Today is the day where we went to Hollywood Studios!  We had a nice late breakfast in our room and then caught the bus over to the studio. It felt so great to be back in hollywood studios! To me its my magic kingdom! And much smaller! We first got our map of the park and walked to one of the big stores on the right side and the building was closed. So we moved over to the other side of the street and that store was open! We walked into the very same store that on the first or second trip I had bought a Michael Jackson watch. The store is more of a clothes store now then anything eles. I bought mom a wonderful blue hollywood studios shirt that she liked very much. It was around 11am and i thought we should just go ahead and eat so we went to our favrioute place to eat The 50s Prime Time Cafe. We had a booth with a tv. This is what i was dreaming of just being there with my mom and having a nice realxing time. i did not care what we would be doing that day because we were at a place that we both loved.   After our meal we walked over to Star Tours! Yes, I am still very glad they have that ride. The scnes it took us to were the 2 new ones from the last 2 films. Which was kind of cool still. I enjoyed my self and mom also enjoyed her self. After the ride we looked around the giftshop and not much was there, well there was still merchendice but not as much. So after the ride i walked back to the front of the park and got mom a wheel chair and brought it back to her. So After getting her the chair I told her to take the camera and film on the way into Galexy's Edge (this is why i gave her the phone to film, the wheel chair is a steddy and i used it as a steddy shot coming into a new land) So it looks great! I was so happy, i was giggiling and everything. Everything was so wideopen and spread apart from each other. Also not really knowing where to go was trickky. We went thoughout the land, we went to the shops. looked in a few, bought 2 bottles of coke in special star wars bottles.  They were yummy but they were holiday bottles dressed up as star wars. We sat and watched people eat.  We got on the single riders line for the Falcon and we ended up both being Pilots! So cool to be in the falcon and pilot the ship! Fun ride if you are a pilot!  After star wars land we went to toy story land. we both had also never gone to the land. it was cute. we road the alien sausers ride. Then we left the park and returned back to the hotel because mom was tired.  I went back to the studios and walked around star wars land more indepth and looked at everything. was going to buy a lightsabor but too much money. rode the falcon again. this time i was in the back and the ride was fun but not as much fun as the first time. i also rode star tours again....had a better time on that....then went to toy story land again to just walk around. i got one of their foods (also i got a food item in star wars it was not very good) the food item i got in toy story was this kind of pop tart and a coke float. the coke float was better then the poptart thing. walked to the front of the park and sat infront of the old great movie ride talking to a lady and watched 2 back to back disney shows and went back to the hotel to go to bed.

Thursday Disney Springs Day
So the funny thing about this day we were saying we would only make it a half the end we did not make it a half day it turned into a full day! Our first stop was the coke store. mom really did enjoy her self in the store, she found so much coke stuff she wanted to bring home with her such as plates, key chains, shirts stuff like that. I on the other hand had a cherry coke float on the top floor. it was yummy! After our trip the coke store we went to wettles to get something to eat....took the ferry over to the other side of the market place. our first stop was the disney christmas store! it was always nice to go in and look around. mom was looking for nightmare before christmas stuff (her new fav. film!) We had lunch at the earl of sandwich because it was geting to the point were we both needed something to eat. After that, I took mom to Star Wars Secrets of the Empire its the VR experience I did last year. I wanted her to experience it also. She thought it was really cool and was glad she got to expeirnece  that with me. She was getting tired at this point. I do not blame her we already did alot. We ducked into a store because rain started. We found some cute pet disney beds but they cost like $60 each! I looked on amazon and everything was half that! Our next stop was the NEW World of Disney Store (in the many trips we have taken this would be the stores third time to remodel)  The store seemed much bigger then the last time we were in it. Everything was laid out where it was easy to find but also at times since it was one open room the store seemed smaller to a point...I bought mom a hat and a mickey mouse stripe shirt. We took our time and walked back to the other side of the market place and we were both tired at this time, she wanted to check out a pocketbook store that she said she wanted to do the next day but i said we are here right now lets go there now. So thats what we did...i waited......i waited and waited....she came out said she bought something but it would not be ready till the next day so i said okay lets go back to the hotel....tired we went back to the hotel around 5pm....i hung out around the hotel while mom hung out in the room. i came back to the room and went to bed.

Friday Disney Springs pt 2
Went back to disney springs we were there for about 4 hours she got her pocket book and we walked around and looked at the other side of the springs, she went to a make up store and we went back to the hotel. the rest of the day was walking around the hotel, going to the pool, realxing by the pool, talking to people. I bought a star wars shirt and a disney pop shirt at the hotel. We had dinner and went to bed early because the next day we were going home.

The next big event is my 20 year high school reunion in October.

---Looking back at that trip we sure had a great time! this was that type of trip were it was more for mom because of what she went thru last year and how proud i was of her getting back to nomral and feeling better and happy.

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So while i was looking for jobs early this year one of the jobs was at the college as a day support specialest working with the BIP people (adult students with special needs aka downsyndrom, learning disibilitys ect...) since i accpected the job at Caswell i have always thought about this job about what job means and what it is about.

During the summer so many of these upcoming college students were saying i am going to school to become a teacher and i thought wait till you get out of college and see how tough it really is to get a job....

now dont get me wrong i do like this job its easy money, and the people are nice. it seems like they gave me shelter before the storm. but then i think is this a dead end job. some people have worked there for many yrs and its there life but thats every job!

make a short story i had an interview with the college for the job i had applied to a few months ago. i think it went well. it runs 25-27 hours a week/ $11 an hour from 830-330pm m-f.  so next up is i have to hear back from HR.

no matter what i feel i did well and i am walking out with this with a job no matter what. so its win/win.
update soon

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Over a month and no new entery. I still think about this page alot. Lets see how has my life been over the last month. The month of july was a long one this year. in years past it has not been this long but it has this year.
Work over the last month has been fine.  The traffic to work during the 4th of july was crazy. it took over an hour to get there when it always takes around 30 min or less to get there. My hours over the month have eather been
till 2pm or 4pm or til 7pm.  pay checks are going good.

Have not done to many fun things over the last month. I saw Toy Story 4.  Cute story about that movie my mom and i wanted to see it so one friday i got out of work at 1pm and drove to the movie theater and bought us tickets to the show. Then I bought the both of us candy. Went home and changed clothes. She came home and we went to the movies. It was such a nice movie. But i had so much water works during the film. After the movie we went to McDonalds and i bought the both of us dinner. It was the same weekend THE LION KING came out so the theater was packed and not for the toys. That was a weekend off and that to me was the highlight of the weekend going out to treat my mom to the movies and dinner and candy. Love doing that stuff for her! Remember treat your mom right! You only get one of them!

I also did many house projects such as moving furnture around thoughout the house. upstairs and downstairs.
kind of fun moving things around such as my projector, my bluray collection. we were going to have someone move into the extra apt but that did not pan out but i still did lots of projects around the apt and my room. it kept me busy and happy.  I also did a another dvd project of rips that did not do well.

I also today found out some sad news that my aunt has cancer. She and her daughters found out about it the other day and its not lung cancer its Kidynee cancer. I have cried 3 times since i heard the news. I judt do not know what to do about it. my mom wants to do something but she is also handling it in her own way. I on the other hand am a nervus wreck but the more i think about it the more i think there is nothing i can do about it on our end. nothing they can do on their end. We do not know what stage it is in we just know she has cancer and as of now we found out that my aunt does not want any treatments to be done to her i guess because of her age (80) but she also use to be a nurse and i guess in her time being a nurse she saw treatments first hand?  So i hope that God can see we need some extra prayers for our family. I know soon we will be making a trip up north to visit her but we do not know when that might be. It might be soon it might be later, we do not know. I just wanted to vent my feelings out on here because i just do not know what to do. I want to talk to someone about it but who? I also have tried to think of it like this Sean lets say I found out i had cancer what would I do right now? Would I be upset yes i know i would be but i would also try to do my best to carry on and be as normal as i can.

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Last night at work i told my self i should update LJ so here i am. Almost a month later since i last updated. My job has its ups and downs. (Not as bad as walmart) But the downs are i feel like I am not showing off my talents, and the job has no challenge to it. Meaning its easy money. Sometimes I feel useless and I want to get another job. But then I think how my life was only a few months ago and i think about all the pros that this job has given me. Its given me more pros and cons.

I did see MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL one day afterwork. I thought it was an okay spin off/one off film. I do not think they need to make any more of those films.    Now last week when I felt like it was a super long week.  When I came home from work last monday, my mom told me about this "New" song by Freddie Mercury thats just gotten released world wide. And that one song made my week. Still is going!

Had a nice weekend off. On Saturday morning it rained. Just realxed during the day. I started to listen to a podcast I have had since March. Its really good. Its called BLACKOUT.  Saturday night we had steak and that was yummy!
Sunday was also realxing. I watched an oldie Action film SPEED. It was really good. Had not watched that in yrs.
that night bono, oreo and myself all watched TOY STORY 3. Such a good movie!
This week at work i am working till 7 every night. But it kind of goes by fast. And this weekend coming up I have off.  I'll know by friday what next weeks work is like since its the 4th of july. Thats it for now! Only about 2 months or so till Disney!