popcorn (films) wrote,

2021 a new year and a new start

This was my gifts from Christmas 2020. Every year I take a photo of my gifts. Anyways My christmas was really nice and realxing. Mom and i had ordered Chineese food for our Christmas dinner and it was yummy!  It was a nice, relaxing day. My mom LOVED her gifts it was a Beatles game, a small box of wine, some bath bombs, some nice disney things (like your going to the park) and I added to the photo personal gift that I have made her from time to time or so.  That weekend I watched the new Wonder Women 84 and it was kind of a chore to sit thru. I watched Soul. It was so good. I cried twice.

 Sean's 40th birthday Jan 2 of this year was also a very nice one. Lets see my gift was a pair of sunglasses but not any sunglasses but a pair of Bose speaker glasses. I have not really used them yet because weather wise its rained. That day we had a special lunch I cooked a steak and mom had some shrimp. And had a birthday at the home verion of Disney's Prime Time Cafe. Just as nice as being there and this time the bill was not as much as being there.  I looked to see how much a steak would cost in Disney $40-$60 the same size I had. The price I paid was $8. So such a nice birthday!

Over the last week or so I have watched lots of semi new movies. Promising Young Women, Nomadland, The Night Digger, The Empty Man, Endless Night - one of my Birthday gifts I bought for my self was the score to that movie by Bernard Hermann and I just now 2 weeks later listned to it! The Abyss and on my 40th Birthday I had to watch THIS IS 40.

Work wise for the last 10 school days no kids at the school everyone is remote learning so we had to put up 3 pallets up of celing tiles and not only that on Friday we were asked to come in on Saturday (yesterday) to take the dirt off the floor and wax up the floor. I was pissed! So yesterday around 1pm my angsity was starting to hit me because it was NOT required for us to be there but I felt trapped and all we were doing were waiting for the floors to dry and someone had some audio on that was really started to bother me so it was all of that going on and wearing a mask. i could not breath and all i wanted to do was scream and say i am leaving. But when it was time to go home it felt good to leave and be free! I was sick of wearing the same clothes for the last few days and so on. But when i got home it felt good and i started to calm down again.  So i kept on saying time to enjoy the 3 day weekend! I had such a good sleep from what I was told. Today I am just enjoying being home. Watched a new movie called LOCKED DOWN. and tonight I might watch News of the World.

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