popcorn (films) wrote,

Last updated back in the summer time. Sine then things were going ok. some ups, some downs. work has gone well. i have had some bad days but nothing really horrible.  Thanksgiving was nice for my mom and I. it was a nice day. we had turkey and watched the macy's thanksgiving paraide.  the break was not long enough. now the last few weeks of school have gone ok. but the obssesion of Covid runs wild around the school these days....they just talked about moving everyone online for the first 2 weeks of next year and thats what people are talking about. but i have to start letting go...thats not my problem. just come in. do work. go home. get paid. The Christmas season is somewhat here. I know we have tried to bring it at home and thats where it really matters. i have said Merry Christmas to alot of people and that really feels good and nice to wish that to people.  I hope the real meaning of Christmas is not gone because I know its in my heart. onto other news happy news Brookyln is enjoying this first Thanksgiving - he had a mix of turkey and everything eles on thanksgving he loved it.  Now this will be his first Christmas since he was Born in January of this year. He has brought nothing but laughs to us this year. I am unsure if bono or oreo likes him but i think they do they just do not show it but they do care about each other. I have 3 days left of work. Today which is a teacher work day then monday/tuesday those are non required work days but we have to be there...again dont care, its money and I look at the news I am still greatful and happy to have a job and thats what matters. So tomrrow and Sunday will be a preview of Christmas break. so woo hoo.

Merry Christmas to one and all. I know this year was a chalange to all of us. It has brought us to our knees. Some of us lost loved ones this year and was not able to say a true goodbye. We all had to adapt to a somewhat new way of life in everyway.  But may we take the happiness in our hearts that we have put deep down and bring it out for us to shine. We need love and shine as bright more then ever this Christmas.

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