popcorn (films) wrote,

Summer 2020

 The summer is going pretty good so far...its been expensive but good. When i last wrote my summer was just starting. Since then what has happened. I am doing more work around the house....whatever can be worked on i'll work on it. do what you CAN do and what you CAN fix. So odd jobs like that.  i went to my doctor's apt. everything is going good. he told me i had to loose some weight. but dont we all.

I picked up some movies this summer for aorund $1 each at the dollar store picked up
-exorcist the begnening dvd
-inharent vice dvd
-the inkeepers dvd
-the amazing spiderman 2 bluray
-AD The Bible tv series - bluray
-the twilight saga breaking dawn 2 bluray
-wish upon blu ray
-canterbury's law season 1 (kelly's first tv show) dvd
-vacation blu ray $5
-the exorcist 2 blu ray $5
-the searchers hddvd $1
-the mummy (tom cruise) bluray $6

I also picked up some playstation 3 games
the godfather 2  I enjoyed the first game for the orginal xbox and have wanmted to play this game for the longest time but the price was too high it seems but i thought  $15 was a good price
the beatles rockband with a microphone (i have wanted this game since i saw paul back in 17) i have enjoyed this game so much so far. its just down righ fun and brings back some good memories.
007 Bloodstone and all new Orginal James Bond story.  So far so good. i am having a rough time at some point during the game but i could always replay the level again....again this should hold me out untill the new film comes out whenever that might be?

Last week Brookyln went to bootcamp he got some good training. he knows lots of commands now. we just have to enforce them on him...in other words its up to us...or me to do the training. it was worth the money....speaking of the money i took money out of my account to help with the payment of the training and other little money events thruout last week.  So far it has not been that bad of a summer....kind of boring at times because we are all kind of still stuck at home but thats ok.

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