popcorn (films) wrote,

I am off for the summer. i survied my 10 months at school...well it began in november of last year. May was a rough month as you know. My aunt Rosie passed away in late May. Mom took it kind of hard. Everyone is feeling better now.
Bono is doing good. he is getting kind of slow but my guess its also the heat since its summer time. i am off for the summer and happy for it. this week i have my doctors apt. hope that goes well. Last year at this time i was happy working at fort caswell. and now a year later its only full time staff thats working, everyone who is pt time is not really working much anymore. So as I said it last year and i'll say it now but i think God had a plan for me. Think about it Over a year i've been able to stay employed. I worked all summer long last summer, then into the fall landing an interview with the schools and november landing a job in the schools.

This summer is my first summer off since 2013/ we are going to train the dog and i am going to help around the house. but also have an eye apt later in july also to see about getting eye surgery sometime this summer. lets hope all goes well

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