popcorn (films) wrote,

Hard weekend.

It was an awful week. Starting last Sunday, we spoke to Rosie for the last time on the phone. We told her we loved her. We thought she had passed. So we were both feeling upset. Tuesday morning while at work I get a call from mom telling me that Rosie had passed that morning at 5am.  Mom had woke me up at 430 that morning to tell me something and she gave me a big hug. That to me looking back was something....Then all was somewhat fine till Thursday/Friday. Later on Friday night we had gotten a call from Tiffany (rosie's  daughter) to tell us about the vertural cermonie for the next day (saturday yesterday) the details and everything. I had to step away from mom because i saw it was getting tough for her. Saturday comes, we think it might be a normal day kind of other then this cermony on our to do list to honnor Rosie. So we sat together and watched it at 10am till 11am. It was very nice. some family members had made some comments though out. nice to see. Around 11am i put the AC on in the apt and i leave so mom could have her coffee. Not 15 min later she walks out with the chills. when i say chills i mean CHILLS. she was shaking all over. i thought she had caught the Covid. i was able to bring her up stairs and bundle her up with 6 blankets and the heat on high. i was scared. called 911 they told me what to do...then at one point around 12pm i was trying to help her out of bed to go to the bathroom and she had fallen and almost hit her head but lucky i blocked that from happening. Called 911 again and the ambulance came over to help her. It took awhile but the last time i had watched her like this was back in 2018. So I got her to the bathroom then she kind of snapped out of it and wa wondering why it was so hot and why was she so hot. Well her body went into shock and she had a breakdown. i was scared. she was scared. she did not remember too much but by 2pm or so she was okay again and got some lunch for her. took care of her for the rest of the day and night. today she is resting but feeling better.

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