popcorn (films) wrote,

Mom and I had a wonderful and happy Easter. We had a nice meal of steak on the girll and she loved her easter gift. the dogs loved there gifts. I had bought mom a photo frame that says my first easter for brooklyn. she got me a john williams record.
Since then we have still stayed home. go out for food. but more just stay home with the pets. i take a walk every now and then. the time off is not too bad. still do not miss work that much.
i do love spending this extra time with Bono, i know he enjoys me spending time with him and taking him out for walks when i remember.
the stay at home thing now lasts till May 8th. school is cancled for the kids for the rest of the school year (about a month or so)
my guess is the at home order will be extened again. its only giving everyone an extra 7 days or so.
will admit i feel kind of cheated but i know everyone feels the same way, i was planing on taking a trip this summer and as of now it looks like i am not going to travel. oh well. more things for the home i guess. 

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