popcorn (films) wrote,

Looking back in 2016

January 2016 began well because I had my birthday and it was a very nice time.
I also took time to start a new resultion each month. It began by putting things in order. But the month ended on a very tragic note. my friend Corey past away. He had gotten into an accident. Life is short. Enjoy every moment!

February was a new goal to learn something new and it was Film and Philosophy. The Wilmington filmed The Choice came out. Also. It was shelved since 2014.
Also looking for jobs, redoing my resume. Looking everywhere i could think of (online)

March came a pay raise at work so it brought my pay up to $10 an hour. I know thats not much. but it has helped me in the long run. I was also trying to enjoy things i do have. i even ordered some new old radio shows such as collection of Dragnet and Suspense. Saw Zootopia which was nice. I also saw Batman Vs Superman on Easter - not a great movie to see on Easter sunday but hey.

April came spring and family into town. My mom and i drove down to SC to visit family. It was a nice day but rather windy from what i can remember. I think I was working very much because i do not remember much about that month. Other then that.

May brought May Flowers and my moms may the 4th Birthday in Disney World. We had a wonderful time this trip. I really needed a good break and mom had a wonderful birthday. That was the highlight of the entire month.

June was the start of some personal issues that i would have and i am still dealing with to this day. Work was already getting to me. Not able to do anything, nor see any friends. Upset most of the time. I was still looking for jobs and getting nowhere with it. I was able to go see some movies during the month so that made me happy.

July was a rough month. The start of the month was okay by having a few days off. But work really did get to me. By the end of the month I was really upset about my self, my life, about my job, about not able to find a job. the stress of the current job that i have. My moods were changing day by day. One thing i always kept in mind was A few months ago I and posted I would do a new resolution each month. I have so far done 7 of them. This month the 7th month it was not to not spend much money aka no credit card. Well I reached that goal. Next months resolution(s) will be
-No junk food for the month (no cookies)
-Try to continue my movie server project (I just started once more (since 2014) that once again to finish up my Blu Ray movies)
-Start to watch a tv show I never viewed before that I have the complete series of since 2008

August of this year was again another really awful month. The stress of my job was and still is killing me, day by day. It was also the month were I had a bit of a melt down. (still do from time to time) I went to my doctor. The good news is I did use a paycheck to buy a 16tb hard drive for my movies/tv shows. And I worked on my server project for the month. And I was still looking for a job and still nothing. I was and still am very upset about my self. i am not really creative as I use to be. I do not take any trips. Just i felt and i still feel the world is coming down on me. And i felt awful because of the guy who i have become in life. in other words something snapped inside.

Sept was kind of a nice month. I had a check up at the doctor which went well. My mom went to go visit her sister for a week. i had some time to my self. I also had found a game i had wanted since 2014 which was Alien Isolation. I even put some time in at work for time off during the next month because I really did need some time off. people were really concerned about me. I was even thinking about getting a new game system but did the math and it costed too much money. So instead I bought into the Disney Infinity game since the company stopped production everything would be cheap. So thats what I did. It was something fun to spend my money on and I was really enjoying it. I was happy, first time in awhile.

October was a nice month for me. The winds of change. I was on vacation first time since May! I was still playing and enjoying Disney infinity. I also discovered some old Disney horror films from the 80s. Enjoying being off and enjoying old radio shows again. It felt so good to be off and relaxing. Went down to SC for the day to get away and enjoy our selves. i also picked up via PS3 The Last of Us. A really good video game I am glad i talked my self into buying! i beat it in a week.

November The start of the month was nice. i picked up some goodies at a church sale for cheap. Also spent time with my friend Doug. The world voted (for the wrong person) sad to say and won. Shocking! I was still working but more crazy since the holidays were going on. My mom and I had our own thanksgiving by going to go view the Fantasic Beasts film then the next day have a nice small turkey breast and just being thankful for each other. I was also doing Christmas shopping during that time.

December the final month of the year. I am getting more respect at work from people. meaning they see me and they appreciate me and the work that I do. They take good care of me. I was even asked to be put on full time. But I had to pass because of my health insurance. I would pay more going thru my work then i would be paying right now. Doug and I and friends went to the TSO concert in Greensboro that was fun but a long 23 hour trip. Its also another month for a new Star Wars film. i loved it. And another Christmas. I bought my mom some TCM wine - Orson welles, Hitchcock and Frankenstein Wine. Also an Adele CD/DVD combo, a DVD of a show she enjoys. An electric throw blanket and some soaps from a store in downtown Disney. Wow Christmas was last Sunday! Christmas was nice spending it at home with mom and the pets. As this year comes to a close and another year begins. Much heartbreak happened this year. it was a stressful year in more ways then one. Lets hope 2017 is a better year then this year.
So Happy 2017 to everyone!
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