popcorn (films) wrote,

an update

Well, i have an update. my server project is going well. i am now trying to import my cd collection into the computer then put it to an external hard drive. So thats going well. work is just so very very stressful these past few weeks. so last week i checked my blood pressure and it was awfully high. this job is KILLING ME. I went to the doctor today to check and tell him whats gone on. He gave me some meds for my blood pressure and also i told him how my mood changes and how when i am in the store i feel my blood pressure start from my legs up to my head...well it turns out i have anxiety and depression onto of high blood pressure. i asked him that I felt like i was much more healthy 2+ yrs ago before i started work, he said i was much healthy back then. I told him that i do not do much anymore. i am just depressed most of the time and just scared about my future. he shook my hand and told me he wants to see me back in a month and hope that i start to feel better and find a better job.

i am just so burned out and want a break
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