popcorn (films) wrote,

What would You Do?

I will start this by asking what would you do if you were in my shoes?

Last night I had to return some items to the front of the store. on my way one of the many managers told me when i return i should "zone" my section super good because the big guys will be coming tomorrow. I said okay so you want everything to be almost falling off the shelf she said yes. On my way back to hardware another manager asked what i was doing while walking back to hardware i said zoning. He said no your not your walking, if your not going to zone, go get freight in the back and start stocking. He then said if i walked by and saw you zoning i would just say hello and be on my way...so i went to the back, i get my hardware, i then am on my way out walking back to my dept. i see the same manager, i told her i was told to get freight and start stocking, she said who said that...i gave the name...she said okay....awhile later back in hardware my self and the other person who i work with were about to start stocking shelves, then both managers walk over and the one who told me to start stocking he came up to me super close and said in a very rude (to the point where it was bullying and felt like it was almost abusive) "Sean, what did i tell you to do?" Why did you lie to my face? Why did you tell stories that were not true?" At this time i was latterly shaking inside? So he standing in front 2 other workers did not want to even hear me out. he said did i say this? am i correct? At this point the other workers were in shock. So he walked off. the other manager said just zone, don't bother doing this. So we start to zone, at this point i am scared to death, i could feel the butterflies flitter around inside my body. I am in shock and super quiet. So we both zone. i asked the other person if she had ever seen a manger talk to an employee like that before? she said no. An hour passes. The manager who yelled at me told me he wanted to talk to me...i was already before this still shocked and in fear, and to walk and be my self with this manager i felt (inside) unsafe and scared. We walked outside, he sat me down asked me how long i have worked here, do you like working here? am i happy here? then telling me he always liked me as a person, some other people say you should do more but i look past that, don't i always say your doing a good job? Then he said sean, why did you make me look like a lier and tell a story that was not true, and make me look bad? do you know how that makes me feel? So I tell him my side of the story. He said, i walked by hardware 3 times and all i see you is standing around or walking around doing nothing, when your here and not have anything to do you zone. He said is there anything you want to tell me? Then he said thank you and said zone, and if there is anything he could do just ask, shook my hand and walked away. All my answers were yes, no. So this time HE made it out like I lied. Did i feel safe with him by my self during all that? No. Did I feel threatened in any way? Yes.I know everything he told me was fake and a lie. He could care less about me.I felt scared for the rest of my night.

Would you call this the last straw? Will I feel the same way as I did last night but going back in 2 days from now? Yes.

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