March 7th, 2021

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Have not updated since the start of the year. Lets see where to begin ?

I will start off with my home life. This year at home has not been bad. I enjoy being home more then ever these days. I do not take it for granted anymore. This year i feel like we will be doing lots of projects to the home to make it even better.  Since the start of the new year I have wanted to go to the movie theater (to support it)  but its to the point where I have everything at home thats playing in the theater (might have to wait 2 weeks or so) but I have everything.  I have embraced the home theater....i even tried to do a little of "upgrading in sound"  I am going to tell you the seonc part of the upgrade first....

For the longest time i have looked at big sound systems that cost more money then its worth. So I thought i would buy into upgrading my apple tv HD to an Apple tv 4k (even though I have no 4k screen) but it does have Dolby Atmos (the big deal in sound these days for home and in theater) and the only way to get that sound was to have speaker systems with that sound feature OR apple made it easy by the homepod. So I get 2 referb items a apple tv 4k and a homepod.  A day or 2 hooking them up which i thought would be easy but they were confusing as hell! So I played some movies in that format and loud. And well it was underwhelming. It was not loud and had that extra layer of sound around the room. 2 days later I just say they are going back and i return them and early on this week I get refunded.

On to my real sound upgrade or a rebuy if you will. Last year I think it was i had bought the amazon echo sub. I did not like it or at the time I did not have right eqipment  Now foward a year, i have right correct speakers. For Valentines day I bought or rebought my self the echo sub and wow it makes a big diffrence also with the 2 echo studios I have 3 subs going at once if all are hooked together. So I did a sound test with an echo studio and the apple homepod and hands down the echo studio is better because you could hear sounds bounce around the room all around you from ONE speaker.

The good news the pets are doing fine both dogs will be getting haircuts at the end of this month. Both are eating well and drinking water. Brooklyn is starting to calm down kind of....

I have wanted to be home more often during the week to help with mom and the pets, i know she can not do it all by herself and its at times getting to become too much for her. i do what I can over the weekends and I try to do alot, even cook dinner for the family on both nights. She can see I am doing my best.

On the work side things are very mixed. Its to the point where I would like to transfer to another school,  Now do not get me wrong, I love my school and the teachers. But for my self its getting tough to work with my boss. It has not been all bad, we have good days and we have bad days no matter what the job is.

For the last few months 7 months I was the only male custodian. At times he took advantage of that because he would ask me and not the other cusodians, to do jobs the other custodian could also help with such as lifting and hauling items thoughout the school but it was just me. Many times I would go out of my way and ask (if I had some time) to ask if there were some other tasks to be done. Just being a good enployee.

Much of that time, he gave me more daily responsbility jobs, such as putting the chain up in the car circle each afternoon, turning off all of the school lights, making sure all doors in the entire school locked, turn the alarm on and shut all the outside gates.  The last school year (2019-2020) I was working with other staff members that have since transfered to another school and we all job to do such as one person set the alarm, one person shuts the middle gate, one person shuts the staff gate. We all shared. When this new school year started all those jobs were now mine to do.

At one point one of our custodians was out for a few days and I took it upon my self one night (also worried about what would be said the next day if it was not done)  to do a quick sweep around her section (get trash) because I thought she would be returning to work the next day. Next day comes around I told my boss I took care of the trash and first thing he said was you did not put bags in a few of them. I told him I think it was only 2 bags I had forgotten. No thank you, no nothing, just a complant right off the bat of a very micro small issue.

One day I was working in the libarary and the libaraian asked me if I could move some smart boards, she had told me she had went to my boss and asked him and he said that we would get to it. So i dropped what I was doing and started to move those smart boards where she wanted them...she was so thankful for the hardwork and happy it was done right away. Then my boss comes in to the room start the job with me and I told him its already finished. He said your on the ball. i went back to the job i was doing.  Another day we were cleaning out the trailer and there was a smart board. I had just walked into work.  No good morning just Sean, go get the smart board from the trailer and put it into the libarary. That I felt was just kind of rude.

At one point late last year prior coming to work I was dealing with a family issue, my dog, we thought he was near the end of his life. I did not want to leave his side but I had to go into work. Naturaly I was very worried, like if you left a loved one at home who was very sick because you had to go into work. Though out the day my mom and i had contact with each other and at one point she told me in tears that she did not know if my dog, Bono would make it and wanted me to come home to say my goodbyes. I go to my boss and tell him what was going on and he said i wish i could but i can't let you leave we are short, your mom is home and can take care of it.  There I was though out school (teacher's and some staff were asking me if i was okay because they saw something was wrong) and in my closet crying my eyes out because I could not go home to say goodbye to a family member that I have loved for years. I felt trapped. Lucky my dog Bono pulled thru but he had given us a scare. That is not how you treat a loyal, dependible employee.

I am still so very thankful and very blessed to have this job and i use to enjoy coming to work (it was fun) to see what each day would bring.  Now that joy is gone, I worry more about what the day would be like, My blood pressure and my anxiety goes up. I am not happy working at the middle school just because of one person and that should not be, its sad but true. I would like to be transfered to another school preferably Southport Elementry or South Brunswick High School.