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I am unsure what to say so i think i will type and see what comes out......life really is a rollercoaster ride. you go up and have high moments in life, then the coaster goes down the hill a bit and life becomes normal as can be, then the coaster can go all the way down where your life is down in the hole and wondering when you will have a normal life and go back to the high life for a few seconds.

A few years ago I had gotten into a car reck a few blocks from home...the car that hit me, went upside down and my car just swerved 360. i was yet again unharmed but my car was totaled. Later that same day I thought to my self God told me that he was not finished with me...he had other plans for me....not sure if they were great plans or what at this point in my life...But like everyone I have a full time job with odd hours as you well know. On top of having my job  (now its going to sound like i am complaning its okay...i think we all get this way or will get this way at some point in our lives) I have turned into the role of a caregiver for my mom. Now I love her with all my heart. I take care of her all the time while home on weekends and try during the week while at work.  (before anyone thinks this - no she does not want in home heath care or anything like that) but its tough taking care of her....we can go out to an event she has trouble walking...she has a walker...she does not use it in public, she's imbarrsed. She see's everyone walking without (young and other seniors) and say they dont need walkers...I will give her lots of credit she has not given up, shes young and can do anything she wants in her mind but when it comes to real life she is stubern and does not want to listen to rhym or reason and thinks she can walk well. but she needs my hand to walk and even then its not too good.  Many times she tells me she see's these seniors walk and she is jelous...but its eather they have kept in shape there entire lives or they are younger then she is.

Even though on weekends I am very tired from work and I tend to sleep alot. I do not go out (if so its to the store to pick some food up) I do not go out with any friends..my older friends. I really do not have friends my own age to spend time with. Most people my age are married, or married with kids. I rarly go out to the theater anymore to see movies because they come home so fast these days also...and i have a really kick ass home theater system too! I hardly speak to anyone over the phone much these days also....But for the last few years I have become a caregiver and i feel is a very young age. I have taken the responsbility of it...some days its good and some days (like today) i am in a bad mood because of it...its like a big weight on my sholders and i want to releave some pain and i think writing this helps some what..... Now we are thining of going out of town for a while over the summer....sometimes its great sometimes as you know its not. Sometimes I play the caregiver more and let her have a good time while I am not having a good time...its not fair. Its also not fair that my mom has changed so much in the past few years, and shes not like what she use to be (body wise and yes even mind wise)  What hurts and scares me is I am the only child. So I have to deal with this 24/7. I know that i have put my life on hold for the last few years to take care of her. it takes a toll on you emotionaly....I know that I am gifted and blessed to have my mom around and spending all this extra time with her is a blessing and I would not change a thing  but its hard on you dropping your life (even though i really never did have much a social life to start with) on the sidelines and say okay this is your life now...try to enjoy it but deal with it the best you can.

Its just tough to feel like your the only one going thru this but I know that is untrue. many people are in my shoes and doing the best they can do each and every day. For people who are not in my shoes but who are married and or with kids...its going to be a rough ride.

I just wanted to jot some things down that's on my mind lately.

Christmas Gift for mom New York City 2021!

Part 1 Arriving in NYC

For Christmas this year I wanted to do something special for my mom and even my self. I was starting to think of Christmas back in September of this year. I could not think of any gifts so I thought a trip would be better for the both of us and create new happy memories. So I booked us a trip to the city for the weekend. Our flight to the city was smooth. We got to the new yorker hotel around 1-130pm. We checked in and even paid for an upgrade in the room. But first was lunch at the tick tock dinner. We both love that place. We had a wonderful seat at the window both us happy to be here in the city and both in happy shock that we were accutualy in the city! The city was busy but it had a Christmas feel all around and thats what the trip was themed after! Mom and breakfast and I had a nice hot, fresh corn beef sandwich.

It was nice to hear the Christmas music playing in the backround. We talked about what we wanted to do, going to Bryant Park to the Christmas village and just enjoying our selves the best we can. We even took a nice photo of our selves. I told her that I would be doing my best to treat for everything on this trip but when the check came she bought us lunch. After we paid we slowly got up and walked thru the hotel back into the cold new york, december weather. It took a little while but we got a taxi and we were off to Christmas Village!

Part 2 Christmas Village (Bryant Park)

We got to brant park and once again my mom was so happy to be there she even said she was so happy that she was going to cry! I know that feeling! NY is so special in many ways. While walking into the park we saw some people with some cute santa hats and now we know the why we came to the park to look for some damm santa hat! But while looking for the hat we walked around most of the park very slowly looking at most of the little shops! Then we came across the Bryant Park store and I saw a sweat shirt and a hat that I liked. Mom picked it up for me as a gift! But since it was cold she had the hat on! (We had did that back in 97 at a Stones concert, it was so cold we bought a hat and we shared it though out the show) So I was happy about the hat and the shirt. I wanted to get to the ice skaiting rink and the tree to take some photos. We finaly got the tree and took some nice photos with each other, also the fog in the sky and with the tree. It was so nice!

At this point we were kind of tired to be honest and some what yelling at each other, also my foot was hurting. After talking about it, we gave up on the santa hat and said its just stuff and it was not imporant. Mom did find a new wallet though so I was pleased with that! After a long while of walking we found a cab and went back to the hotel. We got back to the room and I went back down stairs to get her a glass of wine and a slice of strawberry cheese cake. $26 later I brought the wine and the cake back to the room. I wanted to let her settle down for the night. I, on the other hand went out to enjoy NY at night but very close to the hotel!

Part 3 No Way from the AMC Theaters

So after making sure mom was okay I was off to the theater! (First time going to the theater since well Halloween Kills.) Across the street I bought dinner a hot dog. (You gotta get a street dog!) Then a few feet later was the AMC theater. Now before going to NY I looked at prices of tickets and kind of shocking but not really! I looked to see at what movies were playing and the dominating movie was Spider-Man No Way Home. Lots of showtimes to choose from, Some just starting and some very late night like 130am and ending around 430am! So I chose to see it in one of the best theaters they have. Dolby theater with Atmos Sound and reclining seats! I was out on a NY Date with my self! Ticket cost $25, and Popcorn and Soda cost $18...was it worth the money? Yes it sure was! In the best city in the world seeing a fun movie! The audience I saw it with were well amazing! Just what I wanted and expected! People cheering, laughing, having a great time! The film was well fun, a nice mix tape of Spider-Man Past! Marvel got the idea from the film that came out a few years ago The Spider-Verse. It was good to get out.

When I left the theater I was smiling from ear to ear just happy to be in the city because well the city makes me happy. It's been a hell of a year this year (once again) And When I booked this trip I told my self this is not just a gift for mom but its a gift to my self because we and my self REALLY need something to LOOK FOWARD TO! So much sadness and loss the past 2 years! So I was with a happy face thinking that we were so lucky to be in the city and Christmas was on its way! Got back to the hotel around 930 and mom was still up. I helped her out. I changed into my Pjs and we both went to bed. But we talked a lot. She once again was thanking me so much for this trip and I told her that she was more then welcome and I was happy to be on the trip also with her!

Part 4 The Windows of Christmas

Mom and I woke up with energy...well kind of...more me then her. I got dressed and told her I'll give her some time to get up and get dressed. I told her I was going outside for awhile to take photos of the movie theater. So I left. Walked outside into the cold December air with the sun out and the wind blowing. I looked at the movie theater and said no I'll pass. I thought I should take a walk down to Macy's and take photos of the windows. So I walked down the block and saw the department store. I then took some photos of the windows. Toy Windows, Clothes Windows and the main Macy's Christmas windows in the front of the store. After taking the photos I walked back to the hotel.

Part 5 Breakfast at the Tick Tock/Macy's

We got into tick tock a little later then we thought but we had some nice breakfast. I had a tall order of choclate chip pancakes with not much syrup. The more I cut them up I saw that it was valnella and chocklate chips in there so it was a nice mix. Mom had avacato, tomato with an egg on toast. She thought it was okay. It was a nice time eating dinner there...but we kind of knew that it would be the last meal of the day. After breakfast we slowly walked to Macy's. While walking up there we stopped into a local store with all NY stuff. Mom bought a hat and I saw something that I liked, it was a black Brooklyn sweatshirt with the bridge on it. Also picked the shirt up because our dog is named Brooklyn.

We got to Macy's, it was nice but to be honest it was a bit overwhelming for mom because her feet started to hurt and they had no wheelchairs. She wanted to do a few floors but at that point we could only choose 1 floor. So I let her choose. Then after that it was my turn. We spent more time waiting on an elevator then shopping. It was about time to go to the airport sad to say. So I left mom at Macy's and I walked back to the hotel and picked up our bag and then walked all the way back to Macy's for mom.

Part 6 A Delyed Sleigh Ride Home
It took sometie to wait and grab a taxi we finaly got one.  We were going back to LGA to our flight home. Our afternoon flight was delyed from 3pm till 350 till 425. We ended up getting back to ILM around 630 and got home around 730. I am so happy that I came up with the idea that this trip would be a great Christmas gift for the both of us this year. We really did need this trip by year's end. It brought us new happy memories with each other and that was worth everything to the both of us and is priceless! I love my mom so much with all my heart and I wanted to do something very special for her and I am glad that I was able to.

November is going by fast!

After Halloween the month began with a bang!  Work wise okay- I had gotten a verbal warning for sitting around not doing much work near the end of my shift (who cares!)  I have watched alot of movies the past 2 weekends. The new surpranos film - that was a waist of time.  just watched the rest of the James Bond films. Both films were great but Remi (from the new film) I feel was really miss casted because he was not really in the film that much maybe 40 min or so? But worth watching!  Still have to watch some of the marvel films.

Stores are getting stuff for BF - same old stuff. But i picked up some records  Halloween 18/ Halloween Kills (Orange Vinyl) / Stranger Things red vinyl and best of Mandolidan season 2 picture disc.   Picked up some used movies, nothing special but some good stuff.

I went to the ear doctor early this month. For the past few months (or years) have had some issues with hearing.  So it turns out I am loosing some hearing in my right ear (more lower sounds) but i hope to get it back. Also I think its because the weather keeps on changing.

This past week was kind of a rough week. my mom had a fall during the week, she is okay. she got brused up but she is doing much better. She tripped over a rug. But even though its been a rough week its been good because I had off Thursday- today (I had to into work on friday for a few hours but it came and went) so lots of time at home and cooking every night. This week is my last full week of work untill Thanksgiving week where its 2 days!  But this week is kind of good because even though I have had ups and downs these past 2 years this weeks makes 2 years for working in the school system!  So thats good news.

On that note hope to update around thanksgiving!

Happy November everyone!

Long time since i have posted. I forgot when my last post was so here is a run down of the last few months

August - I had to go back to work the second week of August for school to open back up.  I had an interview for a transfer and it went well but they chose someone new. from that moment on i said i am just going to not take work that sereious i am just going in to do my work and thats about it. Stayed at home alot during the weekends. I also cooked alot.

September - Everything at home was fine. Watched a few new movies that month - the card counter, free guy, candyman. I also was watching tone of horror movies which i started in august. 90 or 91 days of horror movies! I start my halloween early! Work was work. I was also sick every single weekend.

October - It was a good month I have to admit. I was still sick but I made a doctors apointment for early this week (november) I had to take off 2 days of work during the month to feel better or research what i have. I watched a funny movie called stop and go.  but October was 2 events for me  - the beatles let it be delux and Halloween Kills!  Let it be Delux is a good beatles album but i have an issue that all of those songs really sound the same and not so diffrent then other takes.  Also i think it was not one of their stronger albums. In order to get ready for the album I played the rooftop concert on Beatles Rock Band.  I was so psyched for Halloween Kills. It came home and into theaters the same day. So on October 16 my mom and I went to see the movie. I thought it was a cool movie. Some of the editing was odd at the start of the film...more on that later. But I though the film was solid. People over the internet enjoyed the film but i think they got burned out on it really fast...rewatching it alot. So I kept on thinking about the film and how it can be changed. So I edited H78/H18/KHILLS together. With someone re-editing of scenes (not taking anything out but moving one scene after X scene or put this here not there) and in all its a 4 hour 47 min film now. It flows from Halloween 78 to Halloween 40 years later (Halloween 18/Kills) I would save that to watch it some other time.   I did buy 2 Halloween gifts for my self the budget version of Halloween Season of the Witch Bluray and The Nightmare Before Christmas XBOX game. Over the last few weeks I have been playing that game. So far its very cool. Halloween weekend started Friday night for me. I watched my Halloween cut from 8pm till after midnight on Saturday and it was so good to so easy to sit thru.  On saturday I went out and bought us a pumpkin pizza and for desert I served my Bloody Halloween Ice Cream Treat with lots of candy inside and blood.  It was so fun and yummy! On my way to dream land I listened to War of the Worlds from 10-30-38.  Sunday Halloween! Nice realxing fun day. Did some projects but watched some movies like NBC and played my game a bit more.  For dinner we had bloody meetloaf while watching great pumpkin with a slice of cherry pie. With my window open so i have hear the sounds to halloween the trick or treaters in the night begging for candy. then i turned off the light and went to spooky sleep.

November - who knows what this month will bring!

More of my Summer

I left off at Prime Week, the only order that did not show up in time was the twilight zone box set that came in July.  Prime week was also the week that FAST 9 would blast back into theaters and make people spend money back at the theaters. I will say that it did get number 1 at the box office. Did I go to the theater to see it? Yeah I broke down and saw it at night. I thought it was fun and entertaining.   I was trying to get my friend from work to get to see it with me but that did not happen. Called him the next day (Saturday) to see if we could hang out to make a long drawn out story be a short one. He was 40 min late for lunch and running on his time. It was okay to see him but you know he is young. He wakes up at 10 and meets someone at 240 for lunch. But I took advantage of everything i did have to go do some shopping after. so we went food shopping after.

In New York that week my dear friend Jason was going up there to put her mom to her final resting place. i saw the service on June 30th it was a nice service. I did cry and just felt really upset and depressed because I had lost a mom. The same day I had to go to the eye doctor to get my eyes done for my next surgery. And not only that I paid for my surgery. So I was really depressed that afternoon.

Later that weekend was the 4th of July and let me say that it did not feel like it one bit because nothing was really going on in town. they had moved events over to oak island to spread the size of the croweds out but with the awful roads we have had the past few months it did not make a big diffrence....I made our big meal on the outside grill and the burgers and hotdogs were okay. not that great. It was kind of good to get the holiday out of the way.  I watched alot of movies last week
Fear Steeet pt1, Boss Baby 2, The First Purge, The Purge, Censer, And the Tomrrow War.  Over the weekend Black Widdow finaly came out into theaters. First Marvel film since 2019 in theaters. It did really well. I have not watched it yet but I will.
that kind of brings me up to date with things.

My summer so far

So far my summer has been enjoyable. It seems like each week i have a project of the week to do.  The first week that I was off i went to habtat restore and picked up a TV which ended up costing like $9. My goal was to turn that tv into a movie poster. I have seen people have those in their home theater videos on youtube. So It took a few days to get everything I needed and inport many posters. I could not hang the tv on the wall because I did not want to put any big holes into the wall so I stood it up and it seems to work. I also bought a now playing sign to put over the poster.  The Big movies I watched that week were The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It and In The Heights. Both films were very good. I liked the musical a bit better.

The second week I was off my mom and I went out to lunch with Terry and Jim (family) and it was very nice to see them. Nice spenind time with them since we had not seen them in over a year!!! I watched lots of movies that week   Spirial, Army of the Dead, Friends the Reunion, The Women in the Window.  Did some projects around the house. We even watched the rest of the Good Doctor.  I have to say the AMAZON DVR thing is pretty good. I had not really used it  I did even look into some other types of DVR things but I like what I have. Enjoying spending time with Brookyln! Really starting to bond with him. We are really enjoying that.

Saturday the 19th we went down to SC for the day. Got a late start but that was okay. the day was on me! We had lunch at Margretiaville and went to The Simpsons 4D theater. it was Florida on a budget as I would like to say. It was just a nice day out with mom. We had a nice lunch, mom had a tacho salid and I had a club sandwich.  She had so much food she was still full on sunday!  Sunday was father's day. I did my best to take care of mom! She bought me an inside grill and a new lunch box for work.    This monday/tuesday was PRIME DAY! what did I buy? I ended up getting The Conjuring 6 film set, Peanuts Holiday Specials, The Twilight Zone Series and 2 pairs of shoes for work at a good price!   I was thinking of getting the friends set on blu ray but i passed. other sets i had passed on because i already have the dvds.  Was even thinking of getting a larger sound system but i ended up passing. there are some other things i would rather do later.

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Have not updated since the start of the year. Lets see where to begin ?

I will start off with my home life. This year at home has not been bad. I enjoy being home more then ever these days. I do not take it for granted anymore. This year i feel like we will be doing lots of projects to the home to make it even better.  Since the start of the new year I have wanted to go to the movie theater (to support it)  but its to the point where I have everything at home thats playing in the theater (might have to wait 2 weeks or so) but I have everything.  I have embraced the home theater....i even tried to do a little of "upgrading in sound"  I am going to tell you the seonc part of the upgrade first....

For the longest time i have looked at big sound systems that cost more money then its worth. So I thought i would buy into upgrading my apple tv HD to an Apple tv 4k (even though I have no 4k screen) but it does have Dolby Atmos (the big deal in sound these days for home and in theater) and the only way to get that sound was to have speaker systems with that sound feature OR apple made it easy by the homepod. So I get 2 referb items a apple tv 4k and a homepod.  A day or 2 hooking them up which i thought would be easy but they were confusing as hell! So I played some movies in that format and loud. And well it was underwhelming. It was not loud and had that extra layer of sound around the room. 2 days later I just say they are going back and i return them and early on this week I get refunded.

On to my real sound upgrade or a rebuy if you will. Last year I think it was i had bought the amazon echo sub. I did not like it or at the time I did not have right eqipment  Now foward a year, i have right correct speakers. For Valentines day I bought or rebought my self the echo sub and wow it makes a big diffrence also with the 2 echo studios I have 3 subs going at once if all are hooked together. So I did a sound test with an echo studio and the apple homepod and hands down the echo studio is better because you could hear sounds bounce around the room all around you from ONE speaker.

The good news the pets are doing fine both dogs will be getting haircuts at the end of this month. Both are eating well and drinking water. Brooklyn is starting to calm down kind of....

I have wanted to be home more often during the week to help with mom and the pets, i know she can not do it all by herself and its at times getting to become too much for her. i do what I can over the weekends and I try to do alot, even cook dinner for the family on both nights. She can see I am doing my best.

On the work side things are very mixed. Its to the point where I would like to transfer to another school,  Now do not get me wrong, I love my school and the teachers. But for my self its getting tough to work with my boss. It has not been all bad, we have good days and we have bad days no matter what the job is.

For the last few months 7 months I was the only male custodian. At times he took advantage of that because he would ask me and not the other cusodians, to do jobs the other custodian could also help with such as lifting and hauling items thoughout the school but it was just me. Many times I would go out of my way and ask (if I had some time) to ask if there were some other tasks to be done. Just being a good enployee.

Much of that time, he gave me more daily responsbility jobs, such as putting the chain up in the car circle each afternoon, turning off all of the school lights, making sure all doors in the entire school locked, turn the alarm on and shut all the outside gates.  The last school year (2019-2020) I was working with other staff members that have since transfered to another school and we all job to do such as one person set the alarm, one person shuts the middle gate, one person shuts the staff gate. We all shared. When this new school year started all those jobs were now mine to do.

At one point one of our custodians was out for a few days and I took it upon my self one night (also worried about what would be said the next day if it was not done)  to do a quick sweep around her section (get trash) because I thought she would be returning to work the next day. Next day comes around I told my boss I took care of the trash and first thing he said was you did not put bags in a few of them. I told him I think it was only 2 bags I had forgotten. No thank you, no nothing, just a complant right off the bat of a very micro small issue.

One day I was working in the libarary and the libaraian asked me if I could move some smart boards, she had told me she had went to my boss and asked him and he said that we would get to it. So i dropped what I was doing and started to move those smart boards where she wanted them...she was so thankful for the hardwork and happy it was done right away. Then my boss comes in to the room start the job with me and I told him its already finished. He said your on the ball. i went back to the job i was doing.  Another day we were cleaning out the trailer and there was a smart board. I had just walked into work.  No good morning just Sean, go get the smart board from the trailer and put it into the libarary. That I felt was just kind of rude.

At one point late last year prior coming to work I was dealing with a family issue, my dog, we thought he was near the end of his life. I did not want to leave his side but I had to go into work. Naturaly I was very worried, like if you left a loved one at home who was very sick because you had to go into work. Though out the day my mom and i had contact with each other and at one point she told me in tears that she did not know if my dog, Bono would make it and wanted me to come home to say my goodbyes. I go to my boss and tell him what was going on and he said i wish i could but i can't let you leave we are short, your mom is home and can take care of it.  There I was though out school (teacher's and some staff were asking me if i was okay because they saw something was wrong) and in my closet crying my eyes out because I could not go home to say goodbye to a family member that I have loved for years. I felt trapped. Lucky my dog Bono pulled thru but he had given us a scare. That is not how you treat a loyal, dependible employee.

I am still so very thankful and very blessed to have this job and i use to enjoy coming to work (it was fun) to see what each day would bring.  Now that joy is gone, I worry more about what the day would be like, My blood pressure and my anxiety goes up. I am not happy working at the middle school just because of one person and that should not be, its sad but true. I would like to be transfered to another school preferably Southport Elementry or South Brunswick High School.

2021 a new year and a new start

This was my gifts from Christmas 2020. Every year I take a photo of my gifts. Anyways My christmas was really nice and realxing. Mom and i had ordered Chineese food for our Christmas dinner and it was yummy!  It was a nice, relaxing day. My mom LOVED her gifts it was a Beatles game, a small box of wine, some bath bombs, some nice disney things (like your going to the park) and I added to the photo personal gift that I have made her from time to time or so.  That weekend I watched the new Wonder Women 84 and it was kind of a chore to sit thru. I watched Soul. It was so good. I cried twice.

 Sean's 40th birthday Jan 2 of this year was also a very nice one. Lets see my gift was a pair of sunglasses but not any sunglasses but a pair of Bose speaker glasses. I have not really used them yet because weather wise its rained. That day we had a special lunch I cooked a steak and mom had some shrimp. And had a birthday at the home verion of Disney's Prime Time Cafe. Just as nice as being there and this time the bill was not as much as being there.  I looked to see how much a steak would cost in Disney $40-$60 the same size I had. The price I paid was $8. So such a nice birthday!

Over the last week or so I have watched lots of semi new movies. Promising Young Women, Nomadland, The Night Digger, The Empty Man, Endless Night - one of my Birthday gifts I bought for my self was the score to that movie by Bernard Hermann and I just now 2 weeks later listned to it! The Abyss and on my 40th Birthday I had to watch THIS IS 40.

Work wise for the last 10 school days no kids at the school everyone is remote learning so we had to put up 3 pallets up of celing tiles and not only that on Friday we were asked to come in on Saturday (yesterday) to take the dirt off the floor and wax up the floor. I was pissed! So yesterday around 1pm my angsity was starting to hit me because it was NOT required for us to be there but I felt trapped and all we were doing were waiting for the floors to dry and someone had some audio on that was really started to bother me so it was all of that going on and wearing a mask. i could not breath and all i wanted to do was scream and say i am leaving. But when it was time to go home it felt good to leave and be free! I was sick of wearing the same clothes for the last few days and so on. But when i got home it felt good and i started to calm down again.  So i kept on saying time to enjoy the 3 day weekend! I had such a good sleep from what I was told. Today I am just enjoying being home. Watched a new movie called LOCKED DOWN. and tonight I might watch News of the World.

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Last updated back in the summer time. Sine then things were going ok. some ups, some downs. work has gone well. i have had some bad days but nothing really horrible.  Thanksgiving was nice for my mom and I. it was a nice day. we had turkey and watched the macy's thanksgiving paraide.  the break was not long enough. now the last few weeks of school have gone ok. but the obssesion of Covid runs wild around the school these days....they just talked about moving everyone online for the first 2 weeks of next year and thats what people are talking about. but i have to start letting go...thats not my problem. just come in. do work. go home. get paid. The Christmas season is somewhat here. I know we have tried to bring it at home and thats where it really matters. i have said Merry Christmas to alot of people and that really feels good and nice to wish that to people.  I hope the real meaning of Christmas is not gone because I know its in my heart. onto other news happy news Brookyln is enjoying this first Thanksgiving - he had a mix of turkey and everything eles on thanksgving he loved it.  Now this will be his first Christmas since he was Born in January of this year. He has brought nothing but laughs to us this year. I am unsure if bono or oreo likes him but i think they do they just do not show it but they do care about each other. I have 3 days left of work. Today which is a teacher work day then monday/tuesday those are non required work days but we have to be there...again dont care, its money and I look at the news I am still greatful and happy to have a job and thats what matters. So tomrrow and Sunday will be a preview of Christmas break. so woo hoo.

Merry Christmas to one and all. I know this year was a chalange to all of us. It has brought us to our knees. Some of us lost loved ones this year and was not able to say a true goodbye. We all had to adapt to a somewhat new way of life in everyway.  But may we take the happiness in our hearts that we have put deep down and bring it out for us to shine. We need love and shine as bright more then ever this Christmas.