popcorn (films) wrote,

my 36th Birthday

Today is a new year for me. Today I enter my 36th year on this earth.
I know its going to be a great day today!

It began on Sunday, went to go see Rouge One, once again. Second viewing I thought the second half of the film was better then the first half. aka the setting up the story. That kind of took long the second time around. But when we see Darth the story really gets kicking into high gear!

But i had a really nice birthday! Birthday gifts (some I had bought before Christmas but i gave them to my mom to save and she chose to give them to me today) were given out after breakfast
 photo IMG_3279_zpsty2yfpj5.jpg

I had gotten the teaser poster free from Disney Movie rewards
 photo rogue_one_a_star_wars_story_zpsyfydc6i7.jpg

 photo IMG_3280_zps96znnjvz.jpg

 photo IMG_3281_zpsp8ssvxg0.jpg

Later on we went up to wilmington to try to spend "Sean's money" And well I did...kind of I kept on saying its still cheaper then going to disney world right now. Speaking of Disney my friend Danny called me to wish me a happy birthday and also wanted to let me know that he and Linsey were going to Animal Kingdom today. I was jealous! But it was nice to get a call from them.
Everything was 75% off. I saved over $200

 photo IMG_3284_zpsxxvklaub.jpg
 photo IMG_3285_zpshfhtds9w.jpg
 photo IMG_3286_zpsd2z7kkmi.jpg
 photo IMG_3288_zpstj0umpau.jpg
 photo IMG_3289_zpstcedz20z.jpg
 photo IMG_3290_zpscg8kboeu.jpg

Later on Mom went to home goods and I went to a record shop. i saw some record i wanted but they had it super over priced ($60) I then went to best buy to look to see what they had - nothing!

We had a nice healthy birthday lunch. Then we went to another store and I had found 2 items that i liked. Picked them up.

 photo IMG_3291_zpsa0wxr4rk.jpg

Came home and then got 2 more gifts. I was super tired. Had some birthday cake and went upstairs to listen to some radio shows and went to bed.
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