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The rest of my vacation

Monday Oct 17

It was a relaxing day for me. The theme of the day was video games. I picked up an old game of mine that I had bought in 2014 it was Aliens. It was a game that came out in 2013 and it was a bomb. A first person shooter in the Alines world. A sequel after aliens. I had first played the game and could NOT for the life of me not pass the first level and I did it. i past the first level and onto I think the fourth level. I now can not pass that one. I was also playing the Disney infinity game during the day.

Every year around this time i tend to get back into really enjoying and loving old time radio shows again. Around this time I go for the horror stories because of Halloween. These sets have been out for the last 2 or 3 years. And I wanted to get them on radio spirits but i past because how expense they were. ($33 and up) I found them on iTunes for $20 each.

I am still listening to the first set of
 photo 20467_zpsrhrsn4ih.jpg

I also picked up a second set of
 photo 20822_zpsqlenb3a8.jpg

I am really happy and enjoying these radio shows. Sometimes they even woke me up at night because they scared me so much.

Tuesday Oct 18th

My mom and I went out we went down to Myrtle Beach SC for the day. We first hit up Crispy Cream Donuts. Got some hot donuts and some halloween ones. We then drove down to the outlet mall for the day. I went into the Disney store and it was kind of nice to be down there. But nothing caught my eye. We then had some lunch at 4 guys burgers. They have such great burgers. The time was past 1pm and we left the outlet and I had to stop into Toys R Us because they had Infinity figures for $4.99 each. I found the 2 that I wanted. They did not have Mickey Mouse but they did have Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck! We got home later around 5. I wanted to try the figures out and both are so cute! Donald has a cute waddle when he walks and Minnie is just so cute. I was also trying out some of the toy boxes i had downloaded the other day and that night it was a duel between Darth Vader vs Minnie Mouse and Minnie won! Cute!

Wednesday Oct 19
Just was a relaxing day. Played some video games and watched some movies.

Thursday Oct 20
My order from amazon came in and its hung up on the wall. some nice vinyl art. Once again I watched some tv shows, American Horror Story and a Hammer House of Horror's.
Went to bed early because I was just kind of tired of watching tv and i had old radio shows to listen to.

Friday Oct 21
My second order came in (new shoes) and I also downloaded some other horror radio shows. The first one i really always loved the cover because its just so classic.
 photo 20749_zpsbdnjspum.jpg

The second is an album of short stories and runs around an hour long. Its an album meant to be listened to with the lights off and headphones on.
 photo DROP DEAD ALBUM COVER_zpshmpfgqnw.jpg

Going to watch a movie and maybe hang out with someone for a meal tonight. unsure. but its my last day. i have to say i have really enjoyed having a vacation at home.
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