popcorn (films) wrote,

Almost a month

Well, I am not dead, so thats a good thing. Last time i updated i wrote about my doctor apt and how i felt about the meds and various awful thoughts i had to my self.
This month has been very busy. Work wise the environment has not really improved. Its a very demanding place.

On to the topic of the follow up doctor apt. it went well. He will keep me on these meds for a few more months. I feel they have done me good so far. i also went to the eye doctor for a yearly check up. The vision is about the same as last year, I have to get some reading glasses. But other then that as she put it i am holding my own. So that was nice.

My mom also went up state NY to go visit her sister (my aunt) for a few days and she had a very nice time spending time with her and other family moments. I could not come because I was taking care of the pets and I had to work. but that was okay.

A few weeks ago I picked up Alien Isolation for PS3 for $6 new but it was on clearance. I have really enjoyed the video game and still playing it and still screaming! I also had a yearling to play Star Wars Battlefront on PS4. I have as PS3 so I looked into it and the PS4 costs $300+ the game costs $20 + if i wanted to buy the expansion pack it would cost $50 more. To play one game it would cost almost $400 to play. Not worth it. So I thought about looking into Disney Infinity and I know the game is finished producing new content and the game is going for cheap so i ended up picking up for $20 the starter pack + 2 other star wars play sets for $20 so in all I got the game everything for $40 and I love it! its such a fun game! And for spending that much money on it was not a had choice. Even my mom was happy for me to find something fun and to spend some of my money because I really do not spend a lot of my money i work for.

Next month is October and I am taking a vacation, also having a yard sale and halloween is also next month! And I have started to view horror films since the start of this month so I am way ahead of the game!
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