popcorn (films) wrote,

A moody morning but a nice afternoon.

Today is my day off and have i enjoyed it? Yes, I can say i have. Was I enjoying it this morning? ah kind of-somewhat-not really. I was in one of "my moods" where I feel let down by my self and by the world. Meaning i hold a pity party, saying i do not have many friends to hang out with anymore, i have an awful job. stuff like that. not liking where i live and wanting to get out and move. feeling trapped more like it. And we (my mom and i were out for a longtime and i get burned out fast by going to yd sales. Moving on.....

Yd sales began with sun showers in the morning. Nothing too great but I found a NY GIANTS Coat for $35...just checked online retail its $140.
Went to a few others. I did not find anything but my mom found some things. Way after 10am we went to the store and picked up some food, found some goodies. Then we went to the pound to check out the adopt pets weekend. There were some cute dogs there and they were all happy to see us. But none of them picked us. So we came home...its now around 2pm. I watched SUPER 8. Wanted to watch that film for awhile. A nice film to escape life by and remember the times of the 80s...later tonight i am going to grab some pizza and bring it over to someones house as a surprise. I can't seem to spend money on my self aka nothing i truly want to can't live without so do something nice for someone else. Since we got home Bono and shelly have not left my side. they have wanted to be near me every second. cute. i love them so much. my best friends!
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