popcorn (films) wrote,

a nice break

After work on the 3rd i went to a cookout to visit my good old high school friends - Danny, Si, Justin and Chris. Everyone has wives and have kids. it was so nice to spend time with everyone.

So yesterday was the 4th and i was off. it was a very nice day. it did not even feel like a big holiday. my mom slept late. later on during the afternoon i went down to the town to see what was going on. it was semi packed but not really. met up with jeff and his mom and their family. walked around for awhile. mindless chitchat. then i found my exit.

When i got home i had fun, i jumped into my suite and into the pool and sat outside in the heat with the hose on. Later on i cooked us (mom and i) dinner burgers and hotdogs.
At this point i was not feeling well. my body was just super tired and even semi sick.
So i took bono upstairs to take care of him before and during the fireworks. i then slipped into a coma for the night...

Today, my second day off has been nice,. woke up had some good breakfast. gave bono a walk. had lunch later on watching a disney cartoon. haha. then around noonish i went to finish my movie trilogy of the Before Trilogy - Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise. A Very good trilogy. its almost like pen pal letters.
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