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22nd November 2016

8:30am: Fantastic!
Last night was so fun. We went to go see
 photo fantastic_beasts_and_where_to_find_them_ver2_zpsaoxr6elj.jpg

It was such a fun and fantastic film! It had the feeling of the HP series! And it had some new magic in it. From what I could tell (not movie wise) that its a one off book, but its also a semi book series from other books from Hogwarts that may be like this book/film. Now the thing I do not understand is how they can stretch this out for 5 films. First it was 3 now 5. But a great film a fun 4 star film for the holidays!

8th November 2016

11:26am: History today!
It was nice to get out to vote this morning. This is history today!

6th November 2016

8:19am: The other day was nice. Went up to wilmington. I returned a tree I had bought for mom. She made a choice not to keep it. the tree was way too much money anyways. so instead bought some items for the porch for the holiday.

Later in the day I picked up a few movies i had not seen before
 photo 81vGf1HGntL._SY445__zpstqoepx5k.jpg photo 51R15Q5XZVL._SY445__zpsnhqvbocr.jpg photo Unknown_zps3ttobmhl.jpeg

Looking forward to viewing these! Later that night Doug and I went to go view

 photo doctor_strange_zpsfqi6bnel.jpg

I thought it was different. Fun. The special effects were good. Thats about all I have to say about it.

And yesterday went to a market and picked up a 100 pack of blank cd's free
Also free was  photo Norah_Jones_-_Feels_Like_Home_zpsba1l1rmx.jpg

and my mom also picked up for free was
 photo Unknown-1_zpsxxfot0yd.jpeg

And for a dollar each were these
 photo 514HF4MXVML_zps5amplfvi.jpg
 photo 81VXwSuyKKL._SL1500__zps2gbuqxcq.jpg

I also took a nice afternoon quick nap in my chair and that was a bonus! Did some projects around the house. Had a nice dinner then had a double feature
 photo 6615629_sa.jpgmaxHeight550maxWidth642_zpspa79ux94.jpeg

I have to say viewing these back to back was kind of neat. the 76 version was kind of nice because how you were introduced to the people in the film with a voice over. You got a good intro. The story was sweet but also dated now. Turning to the 03 remake. I had gotten this film yrs ago on vhs. I really liked it back then. The plot is almost the same but with differences with the times we live in. I kind of feel with the time we live in now the "family lesson" is more present in the remake. Both films hold up in the own ways plot wise. the better film of the two would be the remake then the 76 version.

3rd November 2016

7:54am: I have had off the last few days. Halloween 2016 was a nice one. I played THE LAST OF US and also downloaded the DLC on ps3.
 photo Video_Game_Cover_-_The_Last_of_Us_zpsycypdnjg.jpg
 photo ed9fc0885e1024cb92a296335b0309bd_zps4n1xsszq.jpg

Kind of a creepy game. Later that night went next door for some pizza and then it was time to come back home to give out candy to the kids. We had the front of the house all decked out with lights, strobe lights, fog, halloween music, a skeleton bride and groom on the wall. It was nice but the only thing is no matter how much candy you buy to give out it goes by so fast! We closed up at 740pm!

The next day I was back on the PS3 playing the game again. But i also went to the shed to clean it up and put some order to it halloween stuff, christmas stuff, yd sale stuff that kind of thing. I gave bono a walk around the block he was so happy. its getting harder to watch him come up stairs at night. he even moans when he can not do it, so we have to cheer him on.

Yesterday was kind of a nice day but kind of a lazy day more then anything. nothing really went on at all. tried out some games to play. looked online for some things. had a nice dinner though so that was nice. sent some e-mails to some friends. oh i did watch a movie last night It was THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEM.
 photo odd_life_of_timothy_green_zpskjq0sizt.jpg

A Disney movie. It was a nice film, kind of the old fashion heartwarming type of films they use to come out with. (Its for kids but the film was more adult themes to the story)
And you guessed it - I cried at the end of the film.

22nd October 2016

6:12pm: A nice quick note
The other day my mom went to the eye doctor and while she was there the eye doctor and all of the nurses told my mom that in the few years they have all known me, that love to see how nice i have turned out to become a wonderful kind adult. When my mom told me that (its not the first time she has gotten told that) I thanked her because its how she raised me is how I have become. I just wanted to say i love and admire my mom very much. she is a wonderful mom.

21st October 2016

3:06pm: The rest of my vacation
Monday Oct 17

It was a relaxing day for me. The theme of the day was video games. I picked up an old game of mine that I had bought in 2014 it was Aliens. It was a game that came out in 2013 and it was a bomb. A first person shooter in the Alines world. A sequel after aliens. I had first played the game and could NOT for the life of me not pass the first level and I did it. i past the first level and onto I think the fourth level. I now can not pass that one. I was also playing the Disney infinity game during the day.

Every year around this time i tend to get back into really enjoying and loving old time radio shows again. Around this time I go for the horror stories because of Halloween. These sets have been out for the last 2 or 3 years. And I wanted to get them on radio spirits but i past because how expense they were. ($33 and up) I found them on iTunes for $20 each.

I am still listening to the first set of
 photo 20467_zpsrhrsn4ih.jpg

I also picked up a second set of
 photo 20822_zpsqlenb3a8.jpg

I am really happy and enjoying these radio shows. Sometimes they even woke me up at night because they scared me so much.

Tuesday Oct 18th

My mom and I went out we went down to Myrtle Beach SC for the day. We first hit up Crispy Cream Donuts. Got some hot donuts and some halloween ones. We then drove down to the outlet mall for the day. I went into the Disney store and it was kind of nice to be down there. But nothing caught my eye. We then had some lunch at 4 guys burgers. They have such great burgers. The time was past 1pm and we left the outlet and I had to stop into Toys R Us because they had Infinity figures for $4.99 each. I found the 2 that I wanted. They did not have Mickey Mouse but they did have Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck! We got home later around 5. I wanted to try the figures out and both are so cute! Donald has a cute waddle when he walks and Minnie is just so cute. I was also trying out some of the toy boxes i had downloaded the other day and that night it was a duel between Darth Vader vs Minnie Mouse and Minnie won! Cute!

Wednesday Oct 19
Just was a relaxing day. Played some video games and watched some movies.

Thursday Oct 20
My order from amazon came in and its hung up on the wall. some nice vinyl art. Once again I watched some tv shows, American Horror Story and a Hammer House of Horror's.
Went to bed early because I was just kind of tired of watching tv and i had old radio shows to listen to.

Friday Oct 21
My second order came in (new shoes) and I also downloaded some other horror radio shows. The first one i really always loved the cover because its just so classic.
 photo 20749_zpsbdnjspum.jpg

The second is an album of short stories and runs around an hour long. Its an album meant to be listened to with the lights off and headphones on.
 photo DROP DEAD ALBUM COVER_zpshmpfgqnw.jpg

Going to watch a movie and maybe hang out with someone for a meal tonight. unsure. but its my last day. i have to say i have really enjoyed having a vacation at home.

17th October 2016

10:51am: Saturday the first day of my vacation - Lets calm down

Woke up early and went to yd sales. Nothing really that great. 4 hours later we came back home. I was very tired because I had a bad sleep. I was up for a few hours and could not go back to bed till around 5am. So I put something on and fell asleep in my chair for a good hour or so. Then I woke up and had some lunch. Watched some Disney Horror films. yes Disney put out some suspense and horror ghost films back in the 80s.
Both were really not that bad.

First up was

 photo 5177TBGFNEL._SY445__zpsopkg5ifu.jpg

i have to say this was a really good film. I know it seems like i say that a lot about movies. It was kind of slow when the film started but it goes along and gets better. Almost like a slow burner. This is Disney, it deals with death, the devil, heads being cut off. kids fears. It was super good though. This was during Disney's dark period in the early 80s.

The next film I watched in the preview had a warning to parents (again Disney's Dark period)
 photo 51b4RA7jYPL._SY445__zpsr77lqczf.jpg

"As Proud as we are for The Watcher In The Woods, Walt Disney Productions strongly recommends the parents pre-screen the picture for pre-teens. It's Not intended for small Children!"

I had to watch it. It was okay suspense film. But i will give it one thing the film stuck with me. made me think and wanted me to come back to watch it again...So i guess that means it was a good movie. haunting movie. the film score was dark and eery. I would buy both films if i saw them at a good price.

This is part of my countdown to halloween. I have a few more dark disney films to watch. i had to re order a device for my computer because the one i have is now broken but it lasted 6 or 7 yrs so it did well.

Sunday = Relax Day
It was be a bum day. Watched some more horror films and relax. just enjoying my time off. Getting into (horror) old radio shows once again. Which is a good thing.
I also bought for the PS3 an add on to Alien Isolation and i have had fun playing the last mission from Alien. Its scary but fun.

 photo Alien_Isolation_zps2s6rxhle.jpg
 photo Header_2_zpszpd5rowd.jpg
 photo Last_Survivor_zpsrywtw602.jpg

And downloaded a few new toy boxes for Disney infinity.

14th October 2016

5:05pm: a break!
on vacation!!!

28th September 2016

3:54pm: Almost a month
Well, I am not dead, so thats a good thing. Last time i updated i wrote about my doctor apt and how i felt about the meds and various awful thoughts i had to my self.
This month has been very busy. Work wise the environment has not really improved. Its a very demanding place.

On to the topic of the follow up doctor apt. it went well. He will keep me on these meds for a few more months. I feel they have done me good so far. i also went to the eye doctor for a yearly check up. The vision is about the same as last year, I have to get some reading glasses. But other then that as she put it i am holding my own. So that was nice.

My mom also went up state NY to go visit her sister (my aunt) for a few days and she had a very nice time spending time with her and other family moments. I could not come because I was taking care of the pets and I had to work. but that was okay.

A few weeks ago I picked up Alien Isolation for PS3 for $6 new but it was on clearance. I have really enjoyed the video game and still playing it and still screaming! I also had a yearling to play Star Wars Battlefront on PS4. I have as PS3 so I looked into it and the PS4 costs $300+ the game costs $20 + if i wanted to buy the expansion pack it would cost $50 more. To play one game it would cost almost $400 to play. Not worth it. So I thought about looking into Disney Infinity and I know the game is finished producing new content and the game is going for cheap so i ended up picking up for $20 the starter pack + 2 other star wars play sets for $20 so in all I got the game everything for $40 and I love it! its such a fun game! And for spending that much money on it was not a had choice. Even my mom was happy for me to find something fun and to spend some of my money because I really do not spend a lot of my money i work for.

Next month is October and I am taking a vacation, also having a yard sale and halloween is also next month! And I have started to view horror films since the start of this month so I am way ahead of the game!

20th August 2016

6:55pm: a small update
got my pills for my blood pressure and my "mood". a review so far
the blood pressure i think has gone down a bit since i have taken it - which is i guess a good thing.?
and my other pills well i have only taken one so far and i looked at the side effects of them and one of them would be not able to sleep well i was up at 1am for a bit this morning and i took the pill yesterday. that was one of the many side effects.
how was i today? well i felt my blood pressure go up a little bit but it was trying to stay down...still a bad score...and the mood well i sure was pissed off today. and saying to my self i hate this fucking place. i gotta get out. i was also very quiet today. this place is fucking me up big time! not sure if i am letting it fuck with me or there are way too many people in charge and they all say the same shit or different shit? once i said to my self today going to kill my self. i am sick of this shit. but as you can read i have not. but i work in a very unhealthy environment that is damaging me day by day. i do not have a (social) life, i have aged quickly in 2.5 yrs, my health is so so, (as you can read) i have joint pains aka Arthritis. i don't go out and do much of anything after work, my mind always thinks of work. i am not as creative as i use to be. i dislike people these days. i want to try to take some time off but you know they will not let you take off a total of almost 4 months of the yr and not the prime times aka the holidays. i just don't understand how one job can do this to one person? its awful. i dislike who i have become.

19th August 2016

5:59pm: an update
Well, i have an update. my server project is going well. i am now trying to import my cd collection into the computer then put it to an external hard drive. So thats going well. work is just so very very stressful these past few weeks. so last week i checked my blood pressure and it was awfully high. this job is KILLING ME. I went to the doctor today to check and tell him whats gone on. He gave me some meds for my blood pressure and also i told him how my mood changes and how when i am in the store i feel my blood pressure start from my legs up to my head...well it turns out i have anxiety and depression onto of high blood pressure. i asked him that I felt like i was much more healthy 2+ yrs ago before i started work, he said i was much healthy back then. I told him that i do not do much anymore. i am just depressed most of the time and just scared about my future. he shook my hand and told me he wants to see me back in a month and hope that i start to feel better and find a better job.

i am just so burned out and want a break

27th July 2016

2:15pm: New Years Resoultion(s)
A few months ago I and posted I would do a new resolution each month. I have so far done 7 of them. This month the 7th month it was not to not spend much money aka no credit card. Well I reached that goal. Next months resolution(s) will be
-No junk food for the month (no cookies)
-Try to continue my movie server project (I just started once more (since 2014) that once again to finish up my Blu Ray movies)
-Start to watch a tv show I never viewed before that I have the complete series of since 2008

23rd July 2016

6:24pm: A moody morning but a nice afternoon.
Today is my day off and have i enjoyed it? Yes, I can say i have. Was I enjoying it this morning? ah kind of-somewhat-not really. I was in one of "my moods" where I feel let down by my self and by the world. Meaning i hold a pity party, saying i do not have many friends to hang out with anymore, i have an awful job. stuff like that. not liking where i live and wanting to get out and move. feeling trapped more like it. And we (my mom and i were out for a longtime and i get burned out fast by going to yd sales. Moving on.....

Yd sales began with sun showers in the morning. Nothing too great but I found a NY GIANTS Coat for $35...just checked online retail its $140.
Went to a few others. I did not find anything but my mom found some things. Way after 10am we went to the store and picked up some food, found some goodies. Then we went to the pound to check out the adopt pets weekend. There were some cute dogs there and they were all happy to see us. But none of them picked us. So we came home...its now around 2pm. I watched SUPER 8. Wanted to watch that film for awhile. A nice film to escape life by and remember the times of the 80s...later tonight i am going to grab some pizza and bring it over to someones house as a surprise. I can't seem to spend money on my self aka nothing i truly want to can't live without so do something nice for someone else. Since we got home Bono and shelly have not left my side. they have wanted to be near me every second. cute. i love them so much. my best friends!

22nd July 2016

7:26am: I think the last time i wrote here was during the 4th of july week. not much to catch up on all i have done is work most nights. i do not DO ANYTHING anymore which is sad. What i mean by DO is GO ANYWHERE. No place to really go to and do something. other then going YD Sales on saturday. I just stay at home because theres nothing to do. Sad. i did go see GHOSTBUSTERS. Alight film. it was not needed. Trying to enjoy star trek again and get into that mode for the new film. Which is kind of tough. I was thinking about GOING TO (yes me doing something!) to a star trek convention in NYC in Sept. But it would take (hotel, air fair, ticket(s) to convention) almost $1500 just to walk in the door. I just do not think its worth it and i am more of a casual fan then anything, not a hardcore fan. I am enjoying what i have and try not to spend any money that i do not need to spend because there is nothing i really NEED out there its more WANTS. I just finished playing the GHOSTBUSTERS game for PS3 and it was an alright game. Took awhile to get thru it (a week) but to me that was THE TRUE GHOSTBUSTERS 3. And at the end of the game They talk about having a FRANCHISE so maybe GHOST 16 can mold into that. I just wanted to give an update. I sure do wish i could have a better job somewhere and DO things.

7th July 2016

7:06pm: an end of a nice 4 days off mini vacation
Granted i was (still am) a little sick during the entire time. i think that had to deal with the stress of the holiday and even the stress i get from work. but in all this was a super break.

monday the 4th of july i relaxed in the pool as you know

tuesday the 5th i just enjoyed my time home

wednesday the 6th i was starting to feel kind of super sick and bono stayed with me all day and we watched Jaws 2 and Jaws 3

thursday the 7th my mom and i went out to wilmington to do some shopping at Costco bought a lot of healthy things. went to target. wanted to buy something but i did not find anything that i really liked. and if you go to yd sales you learn to not pay full price for things anymore. and tonight were going to watch a movie. then back to the grind in the morning depending how well i feel.

5th July 2016

3:01pm: a nice break
After work on the 3rd i went to a cookout to visit my good old high school friends - Danny, Si, Justin and Chris. Everyone has wives and have kids. it was so nice to spend time with everyone.

So yesterday was the 4th and i was off. it was a very nice day. it did not even feel like a big holiday. my mom slept late. later on during the afternoon i went down to the town to see what was going on. it was semi packed but not really. met up with jeff and his mom and their family. walked around for awhile. mindless chitchat. then i found my exit.

When i got home i had fun, i jumped into my suite and into the pool and sat outside in the heat with the hose on. Later on i cooked us (mom and i) dinner burgers and hotdogs.
At this point i was not feeling well. my body was just super tired and even semi sick.
So i took bono upstairs to take care of him before and during the fireworks. i then slipped into a coma for the night...

Today, my second day off has been nice,. woke up had some good breakfast. gave bono a walk. had lunch later on watching a disney cartoon. haha. then around noonish i went to finish my movie trilogy of the Before Trilogy - Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise. A Very good trilogy. its almost like pen pal letters.

27th June 2016

7:43am: Finding a Double Feature
During the week I watched a double feature
 photo finding_nemo_zps5kti945e.jpg photo finding_dory_ver6_zpsgv503nyz.jpg

And looking both films as a whole they are great! I loved the first one because it was just so beautiful and 13 years later it still feels fresh and new! The second film was such another beautiful film. I liked the film had many charters with disability's
such as short term memory, vision problems, a crazy bird and more. I also liked how the beginning of the film starts before NEMO begins then you see Dory for the first time in the first film leading up to a year later. Would be cool to edit both films together seamless.

on Saturday went yd sailing and found some movies for $1. Then just a relaxing boring summer day. Yesterday i had to work but when i came home i grilled up some hot dogs and watched another film a dark film called Curse from 1980. Today is a new day.

19th June 2016

6:06am: trying to find dory but tickets all sold out
Tried to go see Finding Dory yesterday but it was sold out. Came home and watched something on tv, relaxed. had an ice pop. put my feet in the pool while my mom took a nap. had some pizza for dinner. spending time with the dogs and cat. i think shelly really enjoyed spending time with me. she kept on putting her head on me and snuggling. so sweet. later went up stairs and watched a bugs life and went to bed

13th June 2016

11:55am: Before I start to write about my weekend it was an awful weekend in Orlando Florida. 2 shootings. one was at a concert and one of the winners of the voice was killed. The second was as a club. 50 dead (49 if you do not count the killer) and 53 hurt. Its so sad what this world has become. so much gun violence. Seems like its every 6 months. Last year 2 events in Paris, The first was in January and the second was last November. Some new violent act(s) each year. So sad. I wish everyone could get along without violence. (even using words as violence) It solves nothing. it only gives people pain and sadness. I wish this world could be a happy place. I see on the news people gathering across NY and other states and places to honor the victims. Many people gather in Stone Wall in The West Village. I went to that bar a lot during the day when i lived there, i could care less if it was a gay bar, it had good people to talk to in it. It was 4 doors down from my apt. I visit there anytime I go to NY and get a coke. I just wish everyone could get along and have no hate in this world and only love. In the words of the Beatles All You Need is Love and Give Peace A Chance!

Okay onto the weekend well my day off. Saturday i was in so much pain i am sure its because of the amount of work i do at work daily. its starting to take a tole on my body. So my mom and I went to go see
 photo conjuring_two_ver2_zpst6pqju0t.jpg

Lots of good jump scares! The film was scary. It was as good as the first one. It really has no relation to the first one other then the 2 main charters. The sound was great and the music was great also! This is a must see!

I spoke to my friend from high school the other day and he is doing well. he quit his job and got one the same day. Wow! He is much more happy and stress free. making less money but happy. Its nice to know that other people my age are going thru the same thing as i am right now (dealing with my job) and trying to balancing out being happy and doing things that make you happy.

8th June 2016

12:12pm: Life after my trip has been well kind of boring. back to the same old things day in and day out. but my guess thats most eoples lives after a week in disney world. its now june and we have gotten more cable then ever before! so many channels. and its so much money a month its crazy! I also picked up some apple airport routers for the house so the internet can be fast. work is work. i hate it. but i guess lucky to have a job. never get to see my friends anymore. even talking to people over the phone is kind of starting to fade. but i am healthy and have a home and a job and a wonderful mom.

what other things are going on not much really. i saw the jungle book a few weeks ago and it was a great film.

16th May 2016

10:23am: My Disney Trip 2016
My trip to Walt Disney World May 3-10 (With Some Photos)
Disney 2016"Collapse )

26th April 2016

7:55am: WOW! Long time!
I have lots to share. First music. Early this month I had ordered the Star Wars Record set (soundtracks to all 6 films) And my mom picked me up the Force Awakens Soundtrack on Record (Picture Discs) I had gotten a good deal on the box set 50% off...they were going for over $200 but I got the set for $93...i once again say i work hard for my money and i have to treat my self every now and then.

More"Collapse )

28th March 2016

11:05am: Happy Easter!
So Saturday morning mum and I went yd sales. nothing great this week. So I bought us some breakfast and later on mum and i went back to the park so she could look around. nothing much she was not impressed. So went back home i started to watch a movie and fell asleep in the chair and then an hour or so later i woke up and mom was taking a nap for a few hours. Sunday Morning came around HAPPY EASTER!!! It was kind of rainy all day. But the feeling of a new day with Jesus in it was upon us. So everyone got an easter basket,

I got one  photo IMG_2720_zpsf53qer63.jpg

my mom got one  photo IMG_2761_zpsuuncridq.jpg

and the pets got one.
 photo IMG_2726_zpsfrzwhh6d.jpg
 photo IMG_2746_zpsize5emo5.jpg photo IMG_2740_zps67rvzcj8.jpg

Later on we (like many other people) went to go see
 photo batman_v_superman_dawn_of_justice_ver8_zpss2pijc7i.jpg

The Question did i like it? Thinking about it I have to say Yes I did. Was the movie dark yes it was. I had to think about it for almost 24 hours and I have to say it was a very good adult comic book film. Its not for kids at all. This is an adult superman and an adult batman. Did Ben do a good job as Batman? I thought he did well. It was dark and it had a lot of action in it. I do not want to say too much about it but I give the film 2.5 stars. Is it a film I would like to revisit again anytime soon? No not for a long time. But i did read that a few theater chains have this 4D Technology and its almost like a ride would i revisit the film like that? I would.

26th March 2016

2:20pm: Easter Break
I started my Easter Break yesterday afternoon. Went down to the park for awhile to see what it was all about. Arts and Crafts mostly. Had some dinner later on while spending time with mom and watched the rest of an Easter movie and went to bed. Today I woke up with an awful headache but we went out to hit a few yd sales. nothing there for me today just a lot of junk. came home and yes i put my PJs on and i took a nap in the chair! So far a nice relaxing lazy break!

19th March 2016

6:15pm: This saturday has been a nice one. I worked yesterday till 4 then had a nice evening off. Went to bed. Today we went out for yd sales but found nothing so instead I went to the movies to go see

 photo zootopia_zpsizdartxy.jpg

I have wanted to see this film for 2 weeks so far. I thought it was a good movie. Its more of Disney Grownup film. There were many kids and no one really laughed. It was more aimed for adults. So much they tackled, race, drug use, stereotypes, how life is not always fun, how the real world is. Its the issues thats going on today. Would i take kids to see this movie, I guess i would but not my first choice. But still a good disney film. Well Done Disney for a nice adult themed movie!

Had a nice after dinner walk with Bono and enjoying the day off.
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