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19th April 2014

7:21am: month later
I failed on my promise about typing in LJ. Last time i wrote I had gotten a job at the bed and breakfast, well a month later I still have that job but its more of a very side job, in the last month I have only worked 4 days 16.5 hours which made me like $120.
I have tried to speak to them about giving me more hours and they tell me right now things are crazy and they had highered me after someone else and they liked me so much they wanted to find a spot for me. Which is more yard work and other jobs like that-every once and awhile.

On another note I did get a vhs job that made me $320 so that was great! Alot of money/jobs all at once and now a month later everything is at a stand still. I am once again looking for yet another job, anywhere I can land one is what i am thinking.
Doing my best to stay positive in all of this. I had to just lately spend most of my cash lets see
$7 lunch out with someone
$28 for car oil and oil filter
$11 hair cut
I had put aside like $13 so thats all i have.
$50 gas for car (CA)

I hate not having a regular job, but doing the best i can to survive and thankful on what I do have.I do still take my walks but the weather has gotten to become winter weather again so walks are on hold. If you know me, i like ot keep active and busy and last week i htought i should do a project computer related and that was to create a media server for my movies (for now) got in contact with my friend Doug and we started to look at my old mac mini to turn that into a server. All week long i have put movies onto the server and so far its 125 movies and not finished yet. But it looks good. this is a project to save me money and enjoy all the movies i have!

23rd March 2014

8:57am: what a difference a week makes
So i am not sure but last saturday March 15th I went job hunting on foot as i did a few times that week. I came across this bed and breakfast place in town and I went inside to speak to them. I told them what its been like lately just looking for something, anything. So I gave them my resume and they told me they would get back to me. I get a call last sunday to come in on monday to meet the owner. I go in monday and meet the owner and on the spot I got the job! Now mind you, its super duper part time but its a job, its helping cleaning various rooms. $8 an hour, paid each week. Its a job, its something to hold me for awhile at least. I will look for other jobs but for now I am greatful for this job, everyone really likes me their so thats a good sign. So good news to report!

16th March 2014

3:38pm: My last upadte was 2 weeks ago...
It was the start of March and for that amount of time I have been on the hunt for a job. Like always it seems.

I have been busy hitting the internet and doing it the old fashtion way by hitting the streets by foot or by car. I will not lie it has been very stressful and emotional this journey, now around 1 year later after I started to look for jobs back in March of 2013. It is now March 2014. Its to the point where I am trying to think of branching out in other words if i have to move then I'll move (the only place I could move to is Orlando) During this year I have even looked for rooms to rent in new york for a job and the price is crazy just for one room. More then an apt sometimes. I have also wrote a letter to the school system to see if I could do another internship and in hopes to try to land a job.

Sometimes i think that life sucks and not worth living anymore just because its just so damm tough! All my life I have had to work harder to get someplace and so many other things. Now i know what you might be thinking - Everyone goes though the same thing during their life or people have it harder then you do. I will agree that yes people do have it harder then me. It just sucks that you work work work work hard in school to get into the feild and you come out of school and their are no jobs in that field or if so they are given to people from within the inside. I think their are really no more careers left in this world, all we have in this world are jobs (very few of them mind you), some good and some bad and we take what we can get in this day and try to make do with it while looking for something more.

I have done some looking back in my life already and tell you the truth I do not really regret any of my choices I have made in my life because every choice was made for that one moment in my life, that in someways have shaped me into the guy who I am today, sure i am single, not really great with the ladies, is that my fault? no. it is not…well mabe its who i pick but i also put most of the blame on the ladies because they never want to take a chance on me. they see me and judge me as a person or just as a friend and never want to move forward. they know i would make such a great boyfriend but they just do not want to do anything about it, or if i try to do something about it i get shot down. i am 33 yrs old, never in my life have had a girlfriend. not getting any younger, getting older by the day. Will I ever be in a relationship with someone amazingly special? I do not know? I bring this up becuase last week I did a wedding dvd for someone and i also have another friend of mine who will be getting married in May and I am very happy for them but it makes me think will I ever get married? Will I have that someone special in my life? it just seems like my life is moving in very slow motion and i may just be getting started in my life. life is strange, crazy, and so much more.

2nd March 2014

7:52am: Some what of an update
I feel the last time i wrote i had a few things going on but i also feel its on a stand still. First off I spent 10 days viewing Band of Brothers and I loved it! Such an emotional show! I even cried a few times. Watched more tv shows then movies. Still watching the honeymooners which i have really enjoyed. I did make a point to watch 2 movies on Friday Captin Philips and Saving Mr. Banks. Both were good.

Job wise I went over to a friends house the other day to talk about the job and they told me if i really wanted to talk to Karen I would have to call at 5am the next day. So I did. Make a long story short, they told me wrong or she lied to me and telling me that the job has been filled. So things are going on right now. i am also working on Plan B and C incase I have to move on.

So I went o go see that move son of god and going into it i knew would be based on last years bible series to a point. i knew it would be reedited with some deleated scenes mixed in. I was board out of my mind. i was almost to the point where i was going to fall asleep. but when the film started it was like "last time on the bible" and my reaction to the entire thing was um… I have not yet watched the series. i wanted to wait and watch it this year before easter. now i do not know if i want to. but i did check because i recorded it off tv last year and the film is the last 2 episodes of the show with a few scenes from other episodes. I feel cheated!!

Other then that things are going okay. could be better, oh yeah forgot i am 100% moving on with someone meaning its really time to turn the page no point on waiting, that person made her choice..

19th February 2014

4:38pm: My Valentines Day
That day went rather nice. I did not have alot of money this year so I had picked my mom up some candy in a cup.

My mom picked me up the honeymooners and little britan for #13. the games were $2 each. the cd was 50 cents. Band of Brothers i found for $10 a steel! Enjoying it very much!

This was the kitchen table on valentines day


We got the dogs some treats and Shelly is enjoying one of them
8:02am: Time for an update
Before I go into the fun stuff I want to get the other stuff out of the way. No word yet on my backround check for a job I had applied to, but I did find out that after that I have to have a drug test and then a computer test. Then if I pass then I'll have the job. It just feels like such a long time waiting. Speaking of computers I did set up someones tablet and also a wifi hotspot (which we were only toughed upon the subject for a little while in class) I spent around 8 hours in all setting it up (includes trouble shooting and research) I did not get paid nearly what I or what the job was worth. But very glad the job is over with, very stressful (when your dealing with family) then I check back in 24 hours later to see if the client has used it, the client said that she had no time and that she was laying down. On that note I have to say I am proud of my self because I set up and learned about something I had never used before. (the wifi hot spot) So pat my self on the back.

A little bit of money has come in from the job I did up there, a small music job i did 2 weeks ago and back in November of last year I was going to work with UPS during the holidays and just now I got my check from them for the training and hours - it only amounts to $15 but still.

My Valentines Day was really nice I have to say. But thats for another time…

12th February 2014

7:57am: The end of facebook for me may be this year
I feel its almost the end of facebook for me! so i guess i can say woohoo! Why because I can not seem to post a personal thought without getting somewhat yelled at anymore.

Last week I had asked why do people call their kids little man, i got yelled at.
today I say why does it have to be about team USA at the olympic games (via today/nbc) and not focus on everyone in the games and not just the US. Something like that. I yet again got yelled at. So with both posts I took them down as fast as it took to write them!

Guess I should not post much of anything anymore.

9th February 2014

5:01pm: Not much to report
My week felt like a big waist of time! I did get a call on saturday (last week) to go in on monday to sign some paper work and do backround check. So on monday i went in to do that. took awhile it was 20 pages to fill out! Anyways the lady told me to expect a call the next day. So the next day came and went and so on. I have not yet gotten a call (even though they were interviewing many people all day long) still have some what faith about getting called in for training. We shall see. Fingers crossed!!

I also did some valentines shopping during the week. I picked up a few items for my mom and also a friend of mine, but speaking to her the other day makes me think i should pass and pick someone else (being sick and not wanting to go out (no not dating - just going out) I will have to see. i did also find some good deals - deals and steals in other words. More on those sometime soon. Sad to say my week was just hummm. Nothing truly eventful.

3rd February 2014

4:11pm: My weekend was well kind of fun on saturday I watched taxi driver BUT I also took a nap in the chair! That was such a bonus! I saw that crackle also got a few new movies, some i have seen and some that I have not yet. They are on my watch list. That night I watched a Richard Prior comedy show and it was funny…enough. Few funny parts in it. Watched
 photo 81zV1qShb5L_SL1500__zps7a86d281.jpg

Thought it was a good saturday afternoon movie. I got a call for a job I had applied for 3 weeks ago, asking me if i could come in on monday for a job interview. Said Sure! i listened to a few radio shows and fell asleep. Nothing to amazing since i do not have alot of money these days but the good thing is you do not need to have money to have fun… Since I am still enjoying Wolf of Wall Street, I thought that i should dive into the past with a double feature - I had only viewed this set once and I enjoyed them and going into it for a second round i thought the first wall street was a nice little set up and the second one well i have not yet finished viewing it do not remember much of it so….

 photo wallstreetmoneyneverart4_zps04744451.jpg

Sunday I had lazy day. My friend Doug and I went out to have a sandwhich and talked about jobs, movies, games and fav shows of our childhood.

One of the big events for me for the football game was U2! Last night they put out a new song for FREE on itunes and I love it!!! When i saw the ad for (RED) I smiled because the ad played out as a live music video and I thought its going to be worth seeing them in concert if they do go out on tour!
 photo ScreenShot2014-02-03at15149PM_zps5c1d3cf2.png

31st January 2014

5:05pm: Snow days and more
From Wenesday till today we were somewhat snowed in. The first morning it snowed i took a walk around town snapping photos of snowy southport at 730am. Everything looked so new, pure and still. Very nice.


Read more…and more snow photosCollapse )




So during the 2 days I did not do much. I took some walks outside in the cold weather…But I was happy because I had started my walking again since last year. I also got to use my new coat a lot (the one from my birthday) I watched a few movies. I also watched more of Nashville and now its going to wait untill more shows are on tv. So a few more weeks. i really like that show…Last year I had bought a sample dvd at target for 68 cents with the first 5 shows and from their was hooked! The only bad thing about being some what stuck in the house your mind starts to wonder, in other words my positive attude was starting to leave and getting upset again about no job. I have been waiting for 3 weeks about this job with the plant and they are even unsure about highering people. I am getting so sick of waiting, thats all I seem to be doing is just wait. It was easy to get a job 13 years ago then today. I sure hope I get a job this year! I hate to move money from my savings account to my checking to pay bills each month. That is why i am not going to use my credit card for as long as I can hold out.

Sad how people are so slow these days…Something happend last week and i do not really want to get into it, not sure why I am even speaking of it but all I will say is I am moving on…its tough but I am doing it….again i think it has to do with lots of extra time. Other than that i have to say things are going fine, It will be a new month in less then 24 hours and i hope it will be a great month filled with fun and a job and money coming in!!! by the way next month will mark month 12 on looking for a job almost ONE YEAR. Not saying thats anything to brag about but its good to be reminded of that fact. Gotta look at the good and the bad to stay positive!

24th January 2014

5:33pm: Another Birthday Journal and a few other stuff
One birthday, 2 enteries! One of my birthday gifts i had gotten inside my wallet was 10 new $10 bills and this is the story of what happeend to those dollar bills.

on my birthday as I said we went to wilmington and i had gone into best buy and i had found a turn table and so i thought i should pick it up. And so I did. I brought it home. Plugged it in. All I could do was get the arm to come up and go back down. The record would not spin. it was shit. Packed it up and brought it back. No troubles. Refund.

While I was in best buy i was looking at some movies/tv shows and their were 2 i was looking at Banshee $20/ Bates Motel $22. I thought about it and told my self it would be cheeper if i rent it from
 photo at_cap.jpg

So thats what i did. I checked out the first disc of Banshee, watched it in a night and did not care for the show. So I returned it. i then checked to see if they had under the dome. i was unsure because amazon has rights to it, i was wrong netflix did have the dvd/blu ray so i was happy. i could watch the bonus features. (the set is going for $40-$90 on amazon) i had recorded the shows from tv last summer. I also rented Bates Motel Season 1. So all that cost $10

I next picked up some computer software that i had tried out and really liked called
 photo allmytube_zps58e64b60.jpg
Yes I did get it got that price! Found an online coupon for 50% off from $30. I thought that was a steal! Its also called a money saver!! So far I have to say it has paid for its self

So far $25 spent from the birthday money!

My friend Less went to the Pawn shop and picked up a few dvds and gave them to me. Each of them were $1 I already had one of them (did not tell him that) The one I had picked up was New York, New York it was also $1. Had seen that film a few yrs ago it was okay but for that price it was mine!

 photo get-attachmentaspx_zpsf2154e1a.jpeg</a>

I was thinking what more could I get with my birthday money? Buying a movie was kind of out of the question, i had already picked something up for the computer. I thought wait a second! How about the gift that lasts a few months long! More old radio shows! Yes! I looked on the site and put some things into the cart and said thats too much money (I had kept track of the credit card all month long) and I thought to my self I had put 2 codes in for 2 sets sometime last year and would get them at a discount! So the Highway Horror set was $40 got it for $20 and the Sam Spade set was $25 and picked it up for $12. With shipping and handling it cost $35

 photo get-attachment-1aspx_zps2e9c746b.jpeg</a>

The last thing I am not going to call it a birthday gift. its the first thing i had put on the card last month. before christmas the beatles put out an album on iTunes and it was one of those things were i was all about the hype buy it before the store takes it down. Looking back was is worth it? Yeah kind of, the songs kind of get a bit old because they repeat them selves many times. oh well that was what I used my money for.

 photo ScreenShot2014-01-24at52934PM_zpsee2e6e45.png</a>

22nd January 2014

6:59pm: small update
Last thursday my friend alex called me asking if i had gotten a call for the school interview for the tech assistant job. i told him no i did not. interviews were on friday. I found out on tuesday a fellow classmate had gotten a call for the interview but was upset because she did not get the job. Do I feel sorry for her? No. She was saying that she is taking the time to get her masters and doing the extra work to get more educated. Studing for the interview, calling up the board of ed for a few weeks asking when. And by doing all of that she still did not get the job. So I can kind of see where she is upset asking her self where did she go wrong? its a new world these days. you never know why they pick people to be on board. You just have to put the application in and just move on, do not think about it, only if you have a good report with the people, least i think so. Anyways just pick you self up and move on…Moving on, found out more info about the other job i had applied to last week seems good. do not want to report too much about it but we shall see…lets hope i get a call from it.

19th January 2014

6:45pm: I had forgotten how nice it is to write in my live journal again and not Facebook. Since my birthday this year has kind of gotten off to a slow start, but that is okay i guess. lets see…

First job wise getting back into the hunt is kind of tough because with Christmas and everything, people are letting people go or keeping people. Last year i had applied to the school system again and my friend Alex gave me a call to let me know that interviews were going on and wondering if i had gotten a call? i told him no i have not. Not upset about it really. you can not be upset its not going to help anything? So I reaplied to wall mart once more, and was going to check in later this upcoming week. Also I had applied to work at the plant, thats another job i am waiting on. So I have A,B and C waiting on me. Which is good.

Moving on, I was really upset about kelly for 2 weeks or so. For what reason well she had a movie opening in new york city, season 2 of her tv show opening up the same day and this next bit is kind of dumb but she got 200 birthday shout outs on her birthday. I guess its because she is firends with more then 1000 people on Facebook. Whatever. Spoke to my friend Sharon about it and she tells me to move on and forget about her. Well a week later I am okay and just moving on with life. I have my own things to take care of. I think to my self Kelly is not worrying about me all the way in NYC, she is worrying about her self. Can't worry about things can not change.

Movie wise I saw
 photo wolf_of_wall_street_ver2_zps92b3fc53.jpg

I have to say i was kind of glad it was over because it was a film that uses all of your seances so much drugs, sex, crazy stuff in it. it felt like you were doing it with the charaters in the film!!! If WOLF were a drink it would be Casino and Goodfellas drug use with a mix of Wall Street= Shake it up together and out pours into a drink WOLF OF WALL STREET!!
So that made me want to go back and to a retrospective of Leo and Scorssee films which i am in the middle of. oh yeah the blu ray's I got for my birthday were good. Have to rewatch those.

3rd January 2014

10:51am: Jan 2 2014 my 33rd Birthday!
I have to say my Birthday was a really nice one this year. Last year's was also great (Disney World trip) but this year was kind of simple. My mom and i went out during the day did some shopping. Other then that was a quiet day. My friends Doug and Alex called to wish me a happy birthday, which was really nice. Miss the old fashion days of calling people on your birthday. I also checked my facebook wall and alot of people did send me birthday love my way. It was nice.

The French Connection 1/2 movies, a BucketList Book (gotta fill it out and mean it!!) a new wallet, and a birthday popcorn card saying it will be a blockbuster of a year!!! (it better be!)

Birthday 33 photo 1 photo IMG_1619_zpsfa9fff31.jpg</a>

A nice warm winter coat on sale from Macys $300 down to $99
Macey's Coat photo IMG_1621_zps69d5d717.jpg</a>

A nice vintage Hollywood sign of stars past with 2 wonderful pets who snuck into the photo! Shelly and Bono! Cute!!!
 photo ScreenShot2014-01-03at102520AM_zps0b2b6878.png</a>

30th December 2013

11:16am: A few months hu?
I just took a trip to memory lane and it was good. I wanted to see what my life was like on my birthday since i started this journal and to see how each birthday was diffrent and yes they all were. From seeing my best friend Vicky on my 21st birthday as a surprise! To staying at home for a few years, trips to disney world for various birthdays (that was this years) or my 30th birthday was a trip to new york city to see turn off the dark (which jan 4 2014 will be its last show) I was lucky to see it. 2013 was a crazy year for me. It was filled with joy with graduating college, to seeing my first (and mabe only) feature film "Safe Haven" open up in movie theaters (Number 2 opening weekend) Getting a new dog Shelly. Being in I guess good health during the year. Working on (somewhat) a few shows of "under the dome" Going on countless job interviews during the year ranging from the schools, the movies, good jobs, not so good jobs. 10 Months of job hunting and not a thing -thats about the only bad thing. Lack of money (thats another bad thing) but the good thing is you can awlays get more money. the funny thing is with the film job interview that kind of had an impact on me it left me shaken up and since then i have sort of walked away from the movies, not sure really. i did learn alot about film politics this year - something that film school does not tell you. its not so good.

Girl wise this year sucked bad. I was hanging on to lisa for most of the year but a year and 1.5 later nothing. kept and ear out for kelly and seeing how her life is going but we are two diffrent people now then the last time we saw each other in 2008. I did get to see my friend Bree this year for a month and that was a joy. good to talk to an old frined to see how much someone means to you. I did get into shape this year not by the gym but by walking each and every single day. I am taking a break from that right now because of the winter weather but when it gets warmer i will start again. I did do a no movie buying goal for the year and sure i bought a few movies but thats about it other then that tyr to enjoy movies from or netflix (kind of) but netflix i feel is going down hill. i like crackle more. its free and sure they show ads (with ad blocker its not an issue) and some of the movies are older but its just go to movies and thats what i like. saw 32 movies this year in the theater. 32 is my age.

what will 2014 hold in store in the book of life? unknown right now. please check back later.

15th June 2013

7:20am: i know i have not updated this in a month - better then a year hu?
During my first month being a college graduate, has had its share of ups and downs.  The party the block threw me on graduation day was a really nice one. photos were taken. gifts were given (money) and that night i hung out with  a few freinds from college just talking. From that monday on I have job searched. Applying at random places, going back to places were i put an app in to ask what the statis was, that sort of thing.  At  times i have to take job hunting a little break because it does get daunting and upsetting. I am doing my best. I just feel like that there is so much pressure to find a job somewhere,  doing computer things or even just for now a normal job. Even went to a temp agenancy and they had nothing. Not even normal jobs. I have thought of moving somewhere. anywhere. Something tells me that no matter where i would go, i would also see epople like my self looking for jobs. I just do not understand why is it so hard to find a job these days? If there are jobs out there right now, its jobs no one wants to do and or after getting a college degree you kind of feel that work is a bit below you. i hate to sound like a snob but you did not go go college for so many years to get a crummy job. I hope i am able to find something at least. I have even have new business cards to give out to people to work on computers or just one on one.  
All the friends and family who gave me money at many times i've kind of been scared to spend it because i know that money is tight now. They do not want me to use it on bills so i have tried to spend some money on fun things small things but fun things.
-Resident Evil 1-3 blu rays
-ghostbusters blu ray
-drive blu ray
-lawarance of arribia blu ray - all of that cost $32 (buy one get one free)
-oz the great and powerful blu ray (got that for $12.95)
-die hard collection dvd (1-4) $13

Saw some movies with some friends. i have thought about looking into a trip somewhere.
Over all i can not say too many bad things, many fellow college students are in the same boat as i am. Its just going to take time and someone giving me a chance.

Ending on i am going back to (free) work on "under the dome" again on monday looking foward to that. The show is the event of the summer on in ONE week on CBS.

11th May 2013

4:48pm: Graduation Time!
May 10th 2013 at 3pm was my college graduation from Brunswick Community College. My degree is Associate in Applied Science for Computer Infomation Technology and graduating with honnors from Phi Beta Kappa. It was a long road to get to this moment in time. Was it worth all the hard work i put into it? Yes yes yes!!! Do i feel diffrent then I did yesterday? I sure do! i am super proud and more of an adult then I was. This was something that i wanted to do my self and I reached and lived out a dream and it came true. The graduation ceomey was a really nice one. Got to the college around 130 and we had to wait around till we walk inside. Walking inside was a real trip my emotions were going on high. I was not in tears or anything just really happy. I was so happy when i heard pomp and circumstance and walking down the row knowing that my mom and frineds of mine who have helped me during the last 3 years were there watching me walk the stage. We all took our seats. Staff from the college came up to the stage and made speeches, guest speakers spoke about their life, nothing really about meaning to our life. Some awards were given out. Then it was time for the graduating class of 2013 to walk the stage. I mad many people ahead of me so i had some time. As I was waiting i had found my mom where she was sitting and she was so proud of me. i waved to her. After many names it was my turn to walk the stage. (I might add I was the first person in line for our feild so better do well!) I walked the stage with a big smile on my face. Looked and tried ot find my mom. I took my degree and smiled, shook hands with someone and a few more photos were taken. Just like that 3 long years of work and less then one min on stage to walk to one side to the other to get my college degree. it was now time to sit down and enjoy this thing! Thats what I did! After more people walked the line. It was time to turn the tasal around. I was now a college graduate! Something i never thought i would be able t do. it was now time to exit the building. everyone was cheering, i almost had some tears in my eyes. as i walked up everyone was clapping and it was such a great feeling. then walking outside we had staff members on both sides of the steps clapping for us. it was so amazing! lots of hugs from teachers and students. when i found my mom i gave her a big hug and thanked her for everything!!! Stood around trying to find people but could not. walked my mom to her car so we could be on our way home to my party.
That my friends is another journal! Also photos the few that were taken.

10th May 2013

5:22am: Today's the BIG DAY!
A day I never thought that i would ever see! Today I graduate from college!

2nd May 2013

4:21pm: Today was my last day of college.
Today was my last day of college!!! Today was bitter sweet for me. Not the work but the people. This journey has been a long one and over due. I first left Piedmont Community College in the winter of 2001 because of the event that changed everyones lives. And if you go back to my journals from 2001 I say that I would be happy out of school but would i ever have those "what if" moments. i told my self no at the time. during the years i had many of those what if moments. I had a job in 09 with the senior center and my boss at the time told me i should go back to college and in 2010 I did!

if you go back to the summer of 2010 I chose to go back to college with a new degree in mind, computers. The thing that was stopping me was math. For 1 year I was taking math classes. The summer of 2010 was Math 60, the fall of 2010 was math 70, the spring of 2011 it was math 140 and the summer i had to retake math 140 because i had failed the class by 4 points. Spring 2011 was when i started to take my computer courses. With in the next 2 1/2 years I would have classes such as

Introduction to Computers A
Intro to Prog & Logic A
Networking Concepts A
Keyboarding B
Introduction to Business A
Introduction to Communication A
Hardware/Software Support B
Spreadsheet A
Operating System Concepts B
Security Concepts Humanities A
Prin of Financial Acct A
Adv Hard/Software C
Windows Single User A
Co-op Work Experience I A
System Support Project A
Windows Admin I B
Internet/Web Fundamentals A
Server 2008 D

Also I am a member of Phi Beta Capa for my grades. Spring of 2012 I was on the honnor role. I will admit it was alot of hard work, tough times. fun times. learning new things about computers I would never have known. I will walk for my graduation next Friday at 3pm. I am so happy with my self. Learned alot about my self. This door was alot of fun to have open. Its now to start a new journey into another door. Right now the door is unknown but it will open up for me very soon.

26th April 2012

8:20pm: I miss you VALENTINE! RIP 2006-2012

Today was the last day for Valentine. He had such a nice day today. I woke him up nice and early. Took a morning walk with my buddy, and let him have a nice day, the weather was nice today. during the day i did some nice things for him cleaned his ears and walked him a few times and i cried so much during the day. picking him up and giving him kisses and hugs telling him how much i love him. Gave him a wonderful home cooked meal. let him and bono spend some time with each other. gave him another walk and he was a good boy! he did both! good for him! he was wagging his tail and everything. so after the walk i hugged him and kissed him and i left and that was the last day i spent with him. He was such a wonderful dog. I miss him so much, he gave us so much laughes in our life, and wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful memories but yeah it took awhile to love him when we first got him way back in 2006 but after afew months i started to love him and we were best buds!.

i love you valentine may you sing with the Angels and Lassie and Fluffy and Norman!
-This photo is from the first day we got him Feb 10th 2006 Priceless!

22nd January 2012

8:11am: this month is going fast
Well As you know i had a wonderful birthday and now i am back in school and so far that is going well. more friends with the staff then students

the classes i am taking now are
windows single user
4 days a week 1 class a day but its hard work and lots of time on hw.

I made a vow that i would not buy any movies this year but lets see how far i go with that. over the weekend i have watched
war of the worlds, minorty report and saving private ryan and yes i still cried. but i watched all on the big screen and SPR is that type of film that really belongs on the big screen it has a feeling on the big screen that you do not get watching it on tv no matter what size. my game chair is my sound system

2nd January 2012

4:44pm: 31st Birthday
31st Birthday is going very nice so far. i have had a very nice day. Woke up got some nice gifts (clothes and a few other useful items, my main gift was something i had found a few weeks ago at best buy a delux u2 set on "sale' for $14.99 turns out it was the wrong item for sale the real price was like $140 but they gave it to me for $14.99. also Batman Arkham City, a birthday gift to my self was Citzen Kane on bluray and my mom and I saw


which was a GREAT MOVIE!

24th September 2011

6:35am: my week
i had a good week this past week. everything went my way. classes were not too tough. i had a test but i took 2 hours to take it and i passed it with an 85! only missed 3 questions. found out that iron man 3 as of now 90% may film here next year so that in its self is neat i hope to try to get some work on it

18th September 2011

9:07am: movie time
watched Thor on the big screen last night and it was a good movie. better then i thought

16th September 2011

8:07am: think i should write here more often
So i think i will start writing in this thing again. and do less facebook.

-school this fall is so far good. my 3 classes are network, operating systems and pro and logic (computer talk) 2 great teachers. just doing well in my classes. i did meet a few people that well last week i called friends but this week it all kind of went down hill and i can not trust them so back to square one.

-got a projector and an 80 inch screen it looks awesome!

-i go out from time to time but when i go out i find out i am not missing a thing!
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