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18th August 2015

7:09am: What would You Do?
I will start this by asking what would you do if you were in my shoes?

Last night I had to return some items to the front of the store. on my way one of the many managers told me when i return i should "zone" my section super good because the big guys will be coming tomorrow. I said okay so you want everything to be almost falling off the shelf she said yes. On my way back to hardware another manager asked what i was doing while walking back to hardware i said zoning. He said no your not your walking, if your not going to zone, go get freight in the back and start stocking. He then said if i walked by and saw you zoning i would just say hello and be on my way...so i went to the back, i get my hardware, i then am on my way out walking back to my dept. i see the same manager, i told her i was told to get freight and start stocking, she said who said that...i gave the name...she said okay....awhile later back in hardware my self and the other person who i work with were about to start stocking shelves, then both managers walk over and the one who told me to start stocking he came up to me super close and said in a very rude (to the point where it was bullying and felt like it was almost abusive) "Sean, what did i tell you to do?" Why did you lie to my face? Why did you tell stories that were not true?" At this time i was latterly shaking inside? So he standing in front 2 other workers did not want to even hear me out. he said did i say this? am i correct? At this point the other workers were in shock. So he walked off. the other manager said just zone, don't bother doing this. So we start to zone, at this point i am scared to death, i could feel the butterflies flitter around inside my body. I am in shock and super quiet. So we both zone. i asked the other person if she had ever seen a manger talk to an employee like that before? she said no. An hour passes. The manager who yelled at me told me he wanted to talk to me...i was already before this still shocked and in fear, and to walk and be my self with this manager i felt (inside) unsafe and scared. We walked outside, he sat me down asked me how long i have worked here, do you like working here? am i happy here? then telling me he always liked me as a person, some other people say you should do more but i look past that, don't i always say your doing a good job? Then he said sean, why did you make me look like a lier and tell a story that was not true, and make me look bad? do you know how that makes me feel? So I tell him my side of the story. He said, i walked by hardware 3 times and all i see you is standing around or walking around doing nothing, when your here and not have anything to do you zone. He said is there anything you want to tell me? Then he said thank you and said zone, and if there is anything he could do just ask, shook my hand and walked away. All my answers were yes, no. So this time HE made it out like I lied. Did i feel safe with him by my self during all that? No. Did I feel threatened in any way? Yes.I know everything he told me was fake and a lie. He could care less about me.I felt scared for the rest of my night.

Would you call this the last straw? Will I feel the same way as I did last night but going back in 2 days from now? Yes.

12th August 2015

12:31pm: Count My Blessings

3rd August 2015

11:20am: Movies Here I come
Today going to go see and really looking forward to it (and I need a break from reality!)! Really loved the last MI film.

 photo mission_impossible__rogue_nation_zpsxmgbajkk.jpg

29th July 2015

4:56pm: Have not done this in awhile
Today was nice. Picked up some items today dirt cheep!

Saw this today at a store for $1 so i picked it up. Wonder if its good? The trailer was okay. heard the film was not to good. Worth a try
 photo 81QxBklBO6L._SY550__zpstqf0pxyp.jpg

Next item is a follow up. My mom had i think picked up one of these books for me for graduation. I found out that there were a few follow ups. From what i can tell this will be a nice book to look on from time to time, as i do with the first version that i have. So with an old barns and nobles gift card i had in my wallet for yrs i picked this up for 80 cents.

 photo 41UYo61j1sL._SX434_BO1204203200__zpsps2tvtng.jpg

25th July 2015

7:29am: On the July 21 i had an interview with the city of southport for a job. it was a full package job it had good health, retire, 401k, great starting out yearly salary. It went great. I had high hopes but i also thought that i might not get it because i was 1 in only 3 people they interviewed total. I got the call 24 hours later sadly telling me that i did not get this job but would keep my application on file. It was a tough choice for them and they were sorry. I am still upset about that. I did go and give them a thank you note telling them thank you for the time and the interview and to keep me in mind for the future.

I just can not stay at my current job any longer. thats all i can say about it.

To make matters worse onto of this, i had dental surgery they took out 4 wisdom teeth and a 5th tooth yesterday and it hurts and feels really weird. the pain!

20th July 2015

1:22pm: Trying not to put eggs into one basket...but its hard not to
So I've thought a lot about this lately well for the last 2 months or so...

Before my accident (yes i am still talking about that wreck) i was working and almost to the point where i was stuck and in a rut.....Flash to May 24th my car accident. and Post accident...i see life more as a second chance..(for awhile) i then kind of give up on that and i am semi lost (also trying to get everything taken care of legally) then i think to my self that i have not done anything "new" in my second chance life meaning look at life as a new way, being blessed...thinking about what God told me by telling me that he is not finished with me and has plans for me and wants to keep me around for those plans... since that time i have preyed much more, thanking God for what I do have, my life, my mom, my family and friends. And look for the good things that i like in life, be happy and say this is my life...does not have to be big and glamorous...i am already rich in many ways. I have love so much love then you would think of. Anyways point being an event is coming up very soon and Yes I am scared about it, but I hope that this is in the new plans that God has in store for me...and something good (life wise) will change for the better. Now if this does not happen, i know that I will be super upset but I'll deal with those feelings when (or if) that time comes. But for now lets hope for the best and that is one of those big life plans that God has for my future. Again as I said, trying not to put eggs into one basket but its hard not too.
Wish me luck and prey for me!

14th July 2015

7:45am: remind my self to be blessed
I know i have to talk about whats gone on lately but something tells me i am not using my second chance on life for the better...or i am not really taking advantage of it as much as i should. i just had to remind my self that i am alive and its great to be alive. i know its a little over 2 months but i still have to be blessed and grateful that i am still alive and i am okay.

29th June 2015

7:37am: On the 20th my mom and i went to wilmington to do some shopping. we went to target, best buy, costco, home goods, yellow dog disc and thats it. got a lot of food for the house.

Mon-wedensday just hang around the house. we went to my aunts house help her pack and get her suite case ready for monday. we also just wanted to spend some time with her and talk because we love and care about her. we went over on monday, Wednesday and mom went over on friday.

i applied to 4 jobs

a city job the job is not something i would think i would even want its an assistant job for helping with parks and reck. but what the job was offering i could not pass up! So i sent in my application and talked to some friends to put good words in for me.

i applied to 2 college jobs
marketing assistant job
front desk at the gym

another job at the hospital but in the kitchen.

Then thud-sun it was work work work. i am still tired. yesterday sunday, my cusant john came down again to bring my aunt back up north. But we had a little party for her with the family coming down to spend time with her. it was nice to get all the family together. i had the idea last week to get pizza, the idea was for every person to pay $5 for the pizza because mom had to put the money up her self. well a few people gave her a $5 or $10 but they thought it was $5 a family not per person. So we all had pizza and it was good. later on mom and i gave Rosie a bag of goodies for the road. And everyone hugged rosie and saying their goodbyes, some of the family momebers were already saying to come back and visit...anyways everyone said their goodbyes. Rosie was getting tired and wanted to call it a day. So Mom and Rosie gave each other a big hug, i gave her a little hug and told her i loved her. I did the same thing with John, i gave him a hug. hope to visit him soon. They will call and check in during the trip back north. When they drove off i gave my mom a hug. I think she needed it. This was not sad in anyways, it was a start of a new chapter. During the time everyone was around, i was cleaning up. at the end of the night i ended up paying for the pizza. no one put the money into the hat so i had to - well wanted to.

we were so tired. i was so tired. i was on the go since 5am for the last 2 days to work at 7am. So i went to bed at 830 last night. what a weekend! glad to be off for a few days. hope to hunt for some jobs this week and relax.

16th June 2015

5:52pm: things are going okay its major hot hot hot hot outside! keep cool

13th June 2015

5:49pm: Jurassic World-Sell me a theme park ticket!
If this park was real i would so go to it!!! This was such a fun film to view!! I had viewed the first 3 during the year and re watched the first last week. i thought it was such a good idea that this would be a working theme park. I am not going to spoil it but everything was neat about it!!! the movie was T-Riffic! The music was also great, a lot less Williams but still great. I am going to enjoy the film score more now that I have seen the film. This is just a fun summer film! Almost as great as the first one!
Lots of Nods to the all three films!

 photo jurassic_world_ver2_zpsvylao1zc.jpg

11th June 2015

8:38am: semi crazy week part 2
My days off did not start till tuesday. since tuesday i've ran around like a mad man trying to get everything taken care of car wise lets see

-i filled out paper work and faxed it off
-got hospital bills and dr bills to send off
-I got my old car title signed and also sent that off so i could get the car money back (what they want to give me for the old car) close to $3000
-I went to the bank to take out money for the car i wanted to buy. (it was tough to take that amount of money from my checking account!) i know i will get that back from the car people but its still tough to look at my checking account to see -$$$$
-then at the DMV i had to pay $123 for something for my new car (fees) so thats more -$$$ out of my checking account
-bought my new car (2000 toyota 4runner)
-my mom treated to get the car cleaned inside and out and waxed which was super nice!
-Today (this morning) drive it around town and learn how to drive again! its a nice easy car to drive BUT the breaks are squeaky at first. Its a BIG CAR! the more i drive it around the less the breaks are squeaky.
-on top of all of this i have taken care of people's pets during the week.

6th June 2015

6:03pm: Highlights of the last week
It's been a busy week indeed!
-I am still filling out paper work from my car accident, getting forms and trying to fill them out to send them back.
-Got as value of my car this week. Its an okay size but it will do. That money will be used for a car
-I test drove 3 cars this week. Two Toyota's and another car. My aunts car was good but it just felt too low and "hard". The first Toyota I test drove was small and almost like a sports car and just did not feel safe. The second one i really did like the feel of it. All I can say is offer is on the table.
-Work is alright i guess. the good news is they are bringing someone else in for hardware, the bad news is its someone who is transferring from another pt of the store. So in place to make room for him, they are cutting my hours by 3. I was upset about this but so many worse things to be upset about in life! As we all know!
-I am back in College, somewhat! Last weekend I was on the TCM site and saw that they were going to have a film class over the summer via with the theme they will have on for the next 2 months. So I looked into it and its free. So I signed up. Monday the first was my first day.
-We went to the movies today it was a nice day.

28th May 2015

12:12pm: Stuff to much stuff!
One thing i can definitely tell over the last few days i do not care much about physical things such as for me it would be music/movies/games and such. we buy all this stuff while we are alive because we "need it" at that time in our lives, now don't get me wrong its great to treat your self to someone but not endless. Because i hate to say it you can't take it with you after you pass. It still stays here and gets divided among family and its just stuff that goes in boxes. I just wanted to get this out in the open.
7:03am: i was thinking i don't know what my life will be like much anymore. i do not know why i am typing this but i am. i want to be free. i wake up every morning now with a new sense of hope, and i keep on reminding my self that i am still here. It hit me this morning when i saw a photo of someone who had past away. I thought to my self it would be awful for my mom (and my family/friends to see this)

Sean Furey
Jan 2 1981-May 24 2015

I am going thru so much emotions lately but most of them are more internal then external. Wondering what my "new" life will be like, what my second chance really is? What my new purpose is? I have even thought lately that getting a new and better job (with better pay) does not mean much to me as it did (i could be wrong?) I would like to have a job that makes me happy inside and out. and i get enough money to live on or something like that. i am just thankful i am still alive!

But still thanking God for keeping me on this earth unharmed and a blessful new day.

27th May 2015

11:45am: All is bright for the future
On monday the 25th we went to go see Disney's Tomorrowland and I have to say I did cry because it was about how you can make the future as bright as tomorrow. As I was watching I was crying (happy tears and I love Disney and also 24 hours later after my accident I was sitting in a theater watching a movie and alive.) And how I thought that God said to me that he is not finished with me and wants my future to be bright and wonderful and has a plan for me. So it was all full circle I take it. It's time to re evaluate my life and see what really is impotant to me (now in the present and the future) Its going to take time. But I feel like a new spirit has been born inside. Enjoying each day and tomorrow!

 photo tomorrowland_ver5_zps96ygxoaa.jpg

25th May 2015

7:43am: Car Accident
Today, Sunday May 24th I was heading out to go to work. Before I went to work my dogs were looking at me cute behind the fence and I told my self I should take a photo because you might not see this again. So I did. The photo was taken on 9:52am. I got into my car and drove down the street like I always do.
 photo IMG_2252_zpsaparzt5a.jpg

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8th May 2015

6:16pm: Disney Trip May 2-7th 2015
Large Journal (a few pages worth) and Photos
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28th April 2015

12:51pm: HD-DVD is Officially DEAD (I just got the memo!)
lets see where to start??? the other day i found out all (most) WB HD-DVD (the dead HD format)have disc rot to them. in other words they discs get an error message. I called WB told them, they told me that since electronics do not have a life time guarantee they could only replace 3 of my 40+ defective discs. So that means most of my collection is DOA well just dead really. I have even tried to back some up using the xbox drive. That some what helps but it still gives me the error message. Have to try to back these up some how? I even looked in how much it would cost to replace the discs to Blue $280. I look at that price and all the movies and then i start to think how much i have replaced from VHS to DVD to HD/BLUE even DIGITAL. Thats a lot of money! So I might just keep what i have find some way to use them or even trash them (let me just burn money) but these days nothing lasts forever!

What other things oh yeah - went to an estate sale over the weekend and they had a bunch of DVDs all were $2 each (not bad i guess but the next day they all were $1 but i was at work so no chance) so i ended up picking up 14 of them. Again not so bad...
I have to take a photo of my Haul for 2015 so far in Blu and DVDs and Music.

This weekend we are going to DISNEY!!!

20th April 2015

12:45pm: psycho vinyl
Its my weekend and over the weekend it was record store day and this is what came out and a friend mine picked it up for me. cool hu?

 photo IMG_2190_zps82a5csno.jpg</a>

14th April 2015

3:10pm: Stuff
I do not know where to start? I guess the best thing to do is say that my aunt is getting older and fast. its tough for the both of us to take care of her. we do the best that we can. i know my mom is just so upset these days, she's worried and mad, upset and stressed these past few weeks. I am trying to do the best i can to help her and my aunt on my off days.

Work is going alright, wish i was somewhere else and at a better job. yes i have been somewhat looking for other places but not too much these days. the job trail as gone dry for now. Even though i dislike it at least i have something. We have a new dept manager now he is okay. first time being a manager no sense of humor just dry.

So last year one of my bucket list items was or is to see U2 (and or the rolling stones) well both bands are touring this summer and well both bands ticket prices are the same $50-$380.
-My mom and i went to my first stones concert back in 1994 and went to SC and have such wonderful memories of that.
-The second time we went was in 97 in DC and that was super fun, we had nose bleed seats and we went up there then went down to floor level during a song and that was fun to see them far away but much closer.
-In 02 we went to MSG to see the stones and that was my first time at the garden it was their 40 licks tour. so much fun.
-The summer of 05 I had bought tickets in NYC for the Duke show in NC and mom and i went to Duke and it was once again a great show and tickets were like $50 each not so bad. But we both had the best time.

We missed out of the 50 and counting tour in 2012 because i was in college. Tickets were around the same price as they are now. They also had a PPV but the band wanted $40 for the feed. We also had no cable box. I think back in 94/97 the price was not that high for pay per view. Both PPV is in 94.97 were $20 each. So this was double the price. So I had past on this show because it was in NY, did not have enough money and college was #1 to me! So I had found out early this month the stones were going to play in NC this summer but as I said the show costs so much money. I even asked my mom to see if she wanted to go but she just does not want to anymore. Out of the concert phase in other words. Its sad...I just want to go still. its almost like that baseball tradition that father and sons have with each other. They buy season passes and when one passes away, the son still goes to see the games and leaving that seat empty for awhile for his late dad. So thats how i am feeling i guess about going to see the show... Also i want something to look forward to something over the summer. Last summer i worked and that was it.

8th April 2015

3:55pm: Under The Dome Season 3
 photo IMG_2185_zps97c9zvco.jpg

I was on my morning walk and I knew the dome would be back filming this week I thought it would be today (wednesday) but it was tuesday. I walked by all the trucks and wondered if I would see my friend Larry. In a few moments I saw him. He was happy to see me and asked if I was working that day I told him no. he said come on down, I'll give you some headphones and put you to work. So thats what I ended up doing all day long was being a PA (day player) for the dome. Whatever they needed I got for them. Help move the tent, whatever. All the crew were so nice also. I think I gained lots of respect from them during the day. They wanted to know about me and I wanted to know about them. All of them doing the best they could do.

The cast members that were there during the day was Dean Norris (Big Jim), Alex Koch (JR) Colin Ford (Joe) Mackenzie Lintz (Norrie) and from 730am-615pm they shot 3 scenes. The first scene was with Jim and Jr, outside his house which Jr was burning and Jim wanted to know if Jr had gone crazy and Jr said that it was all not real and that Jim was no longer his father. ---From what I was told was the the opener opens up with the cast in a cocoon in an alternate reality and even the crew does not know much all they know is its gone so far away from the book and they don't even care anymore! They shot that scene many times from a few angles. The second scene they shot was inside the house where Norrie and another are looking at cd's and miss life before the dome and put some music on and dance a little bit. The last scene they shoot its the same scene but Joe walks inside and see a childhood friend of his is dead and they move the dead body outside because it stinks, and they all look for food to only find canned goods.

So during those scenes it was rainy, sunny, buggy and I did all I could do while working on the set for the day. Lunch time was also great! One good thing is they do feed ya really well. Lets see I had sailed, bbq ribs, chocolate cake and ice cream with ice water. I had lunch with the grips and they were talking about cars, building more into their home, lack of work. Told them about me, one person remembered me from Season 1. After lunch went back to sound and synced the slate (which I told them I had not done in a few yrs) but I knew what to do to sync it with the time code. That was cool. For a moment I wanted to get a photo with me and the slate but I thought thats so uncool. So I kept quiet. The rest of the day everyone was getting tired.

The crew did a great job working even though everyone was just not moving. The cast were filming the scenes inside the house for the rest of the day. I was sitting talking to one the stand in's for one of the actors. Nice girl. We will keep in contact. As I said, the other crew were great also. Wanting to know more about me and what I do and my self wanting to know about what they do and so on. The day was wrapped up by 615pm. I told my self on monday that I should not dream about working in the movies I should just go out and do it. And so I did. I went right back into “PA Mode” the moment I was told to come on board. So thats more credit(s) for the resume. B/c I've been day playing since S1 Looks like I'll be day playing Season 3!

5th April 2015

6:07pm: Happy Easter
 photo y_zpsyyytokls.jpg

Happy Easter to all! Today was a good day. Jesus made it a beautiful day today.
The weather is really nice. I called out of work early this morning because I feel that being with family on a holiday is more important then making money on a day like this. I gave my mom her easter gift which was $30 in iTunes cards.

She gave me my basket and inside was the blu ray of Little House Season 4.

We then went to see my aunt, she was in good spirits which was good because we never know what we will be walking into each day. We gave her an easter basket and set her up for the day. Mom and I then took the ferry to Wilmington to spend the rest of the day with the family. This was the first holiday that my cossets did not have their mom around. So it was tough on them and I know that they are still going though a rough time but right about now the love of family being together can be the best thing.

The food was yummy! The deserts were also yummy. My mom and I took the ferry back home and that was the end of our Easter sunday. Time to give the dogs a walk!

2nd April 2015

7:08am: my third day off was nice, what did i do? got some things ready for the yd sale, more tents, more bins and so on. helped my aunt again. viewed the robe and that was a really great film! really interesting its about the robe jesus wore when he was wearing before he was crucified and how that robe effected people. Also viewed a Dick Van Dyke and Little House show. Both nice. Went to bed early because i was super tired.

1st April 2015

7:11am: My second day off was nice. Woke up early, took care of my project for someone. printed disc art. had breakfast. sent out some e-mails. my mom and i went to go help my aunt again for awhile who is now housebound. I then went out for awhile stopped in for a slice of pizza. Came home and helped more with the upcoming yard sale. Then had a snack. Watched HOP, took bono out for a walk then went up stairs for the night.

30th March 2015

4:29pm: Glad I am off...again!!!
What a week! Working was rough. all those days working by my self trying to keep the dept in working order.

So last week my mom and I went down to Myrtle Beach for the day and I did most of the shopping! I shopped the most in the Disney Store...its cheaper to buy shirts what not there then when we are in Disney World which will be May 2 of this yr! I picked up 2 Disneyland shirts for $5 each. A Mickey Mouse and Star Wars shirts for $12 each. 2 Disneyland photo frames for $5 each. 2 Mugs for $7 each and a Easter Mickey Mouse for $10. All together $70. Thats almost the price for 2 t-shirts in Disney World!

The next day I relaxed and started to take out the spring clothes.

Thu-Sun was work work work work.

Today woke up and got a call from my aunt...family stuff. So all day long i've some what dealing with that with my mom. And around 330 i finally started to realx. Lets hope i still relax. Hope the rest of the week goes well!!
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