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8th May 2015

6:16pm: Disney Trip May 2-7th 2015
Large Journal (a few pages worth) and Photos
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28th April 2015

12:51pm: HD-DVD is Officially DEAD (I just got the memo!)
lets see where to start??? the other day i found out all (most) WB HD-DVD (the dead HD format)have disc rot to them. in other words they discs get an error message. I called WB told them, they told me that since electronics do not have a life time guarantee they could only replace 3 of my 40+ defective discs. So that means most of my collection is DOA well just dead really. I have even tried to back some up using the xbox drive. That some what helps but it still gives me the error message. Have to try to back these up some how? I even looked in how much it would cost to replace the discs to Blue $280. I look at that price and all the movies and then i start to think how much i have replaced from VHS to DVD to HD/BLUE even DIGITAL. Thats a lot of money! So I might just keep what i have find some way to use them or even trash them (let me just burn money) but these days nothing lasts forever!

What other things oh yeah - went to an estate sale over the weekend and they had a bunch of DVDs all were $2 each (not bad i guess but the next day they all were $1 but i was at work so no chance) so i ended up picking up 14 of them. Again not so bad...
I have to take a photo of my Haul for 2015 so far in Blu and DVDs and Music.

This weekend we are going to DISNEY!!!

20th April 2015

12:45pm: psycho vinyl
Its my weekend and over the weekend it was record store day and this is what came out and a friend mine picked it up for me. cool hu?

 photo IMG_2190_zps82a5csno.jpg</a>

14th April 2015

3:10pm: Stuff
I do not know where to start? I guess the best thing to do is say that my aunt is getting older and fast. its tough for the both of us to take care of her. we do the best that we can. i know my mom is just so upset these days, she's worried and mad, upset and stressed these past few weeks. I am trying to do the best i can to help her and my aunt on my off days.

Work is going alright, wish i was somewhere else and at a better job. yes i have been somewhat looking for other places but not too much these days. the job trail as gone dry for now. Even though i dislike it at least i have something. We have a new dept manager now he is okay. first time being a manager no sense of humor just dry.

So last year one of my bucket list items was or is to see U2 (and or the rolling stones) well both bands are touring this summer and well both bands ticket prices are the same $50-$380.
-My mom and i went to my first stones concert back in 1994 and went to SC and have such wonderful memories of that.
-The second time we went was in 97 in DC and that was super fun, we had nose bleed seats and we went up there then went down to floor level during a song and that was fun to see them far away but much closer.
-In 02 we went to MSG to see the stones and that was my first time at the garden it was their 40 licks tour. so much fun.
-The summer of 05 I had bought tickets in NYC for the Duke show in NC and mom and i went to Duke and it was once again a great show and tickets were like $50 each not so bad. But we both had the best time.

We missed out of the 50 and counting tour in 2012 because i was in college. Tickets were around the same price as they are now. They also had a PPV but the band wanted $40 for the feed. We also had no cable box. I think back in 94/97 the price was not that high for pay per view. Both PPV is in 94.97 were $20 each. So this was double the price. So I had past on this show because it was in NY, did not have enough money and college was #1 to me! So I had found out early this month the stones were going to play in NC this summer but as I said the show costs so much money. I even asked my mom to see if she wanted to go but she just does not want to anymore. Out of the concert phase in other words. Its sad...I just want to go still. its almost like that baseball tradition that father and sons have with each other. They buy season passes and when one passes away, the son still goes to see the games and leaving that seat empty for awhile for his late dad. So thats how i am feeling i guess about going to see the show... Also i want something to look forward to something over the summer. Last summer i worked and that was it.

8th April 2015

3:55pm: Under The Dome Season 3
 photo IMG_2185_zps97c9zvco.jpg

I was on my morning walk and I knew the dome would be back filming this week I thought it would be today (wednesday) but it was tuesday. I walked by all the trucks and wondered if I would see my friend Larry. In a few moments I saw him. He was happy to see me and asked if I was working that day I told him no. he said come on down, I'll give you some headphones and put you to work. So thats what I ended up doing all day long was being a PA (day player) for the dome. Whatever they needed I got for them. Help move the tent, whatever. All the crew were so nice also. I think I gained lots of respect from them during the day. They wanted to know about me and I wanted to know about them. All of them doing the best they could do.

The cast members that were there during the day was Dean Norris (Big Jim), Alex Koch (JR) Colin Ford (Joe) Mackenzie Lintz (Norrie) and from 730am-615pm they shot 3 scenes. The first scene was with Jim and Jr, outside his house which Jr was burning and Jim wanted to know if Jr had gone crazy and Jr said that it was all not real and that Jim was no longer his father. ---From what I was told was the the opener opens up with the cast in a cocoon in an alternate reality and even the crew does not know much all they know is its gone so far away from the book and they don't even care anymore! They shot that scene many times from a few angles. The second scene they shot was inside the house where Norrie and another are looking at cd's and miss life before the dome and put some music on and dance a little bit. The last scene they shoot its the same scene but Joe walks inside and see a childhood friend of his is dead and they move the dead body outside because it stinks, and they all look for food to only find canned goods.

So during those scenes it was rainy, sunny, buggy and I did all I could do while working on the set for the day. Lunch time was also great! One good thing is they do feed ya really well. Lets see I had sailed, bbq ribs, chocolate cake and ice cream with ice water. I had lunch with the grips and they were talking about cars, building more into their home, lack of work. Told them about me, one person remembered me from Season 1. After lunch went back to sound and synced the slate (which I told them I had not done in a few yrs) but I knew what to do to sync it with the time code. That was cool. For a moment I wanted to get a photo with me and the slate but I thought thats so uncool. So I kept quiet. The rest of the day everyone was getting tired.

The crew did a great job working even though everyone was just not moving. The cast were filming the scenes inside the house for the rest of the day. I was sitting talking to one the stand in's for one of the actors. Nice girl. We will keep in contact. As I said, the other crew were great also. Wanting to know more about me and what I do and my self wanting to know about what they do and so on. The day was wrapped up by 615pm. I told my self on monday that I should not dream about working in the movies I should just go out and do it. And so I did. I went right back into “PA Mode” the moment I was told to come on board. So thats more credit(s) for the resume. B/c I've been day playing since S1 Looks like I'll be day playing Season 3!

5th April 2015

6:07pm: Happy Easter
 photo y_zpsyyytokls.jpg

Happy Easter to all! Today was a good day. Jesus made it a beautiful day today.
The weather is really nice. I called out of work early this morning because I feel that being with family on a holiday is more important then making money on a day like this. I gave my mom her easter gift which was $30 in iTunes cards.

She gave me my basket and inside was the blu ray of Little House Season 4.

We then went to see my aunt, she was in good spirits which was good because we never know what we will be walking into each day. We gave her an easter basket and set her up for the day. Mom and I then took the ferry to Wilmington to spend the rest of the day with the family. This was the first holiday that my cossets did not have their mom around. So it was tough on them and I know that they are still going though a rough time but right about now the love of family being together can be the best thing.

The food was yummy! The deserts were also yummy. My mom and I took the ferry back home and that was the end of our Easter sunday. Time to give the dogs a walk!

2nd April 2015

7:08am: my third day off was nice, what did i do? got some things ready for the yd sale, more tents, more bins and so on. helped my aunt again. viewed the robe and that was a really great film! really interesting its about the robe jesus wore when he was wearing before he was crucified and how that robe effected people. Also viewed a Dick Van Dyke and Little House show. Both nice. Went to bed early because i was super tired.

1st April 2015

7:11am: My second day off was nice. Woke up early, took care of my project for someone. printed disc art. had breakfast. sent out some e-mails. my mom and i went to go help my aunt again for awhile who is now housebound. I then went out for awhile stopped in for a slice of pizza. Came home and helped more with the upcoming yard sale. Then had a snack. Watched HOP, took bono out for a walk then went up stairs for the night.

30th March 2015

4:29pm: Glad I am off...again!!!
What a week! Working was rough. all those days working by my self trying to keep the dept in working order.

So last week my mom and I went down to Myrtle Beach for the day and I did most of the shopping! I shopped the most in the Disney Store...its cheaper to buy shirts what not there then when we are in Disney World which will be May 2 of this yr! I picked up 2 Disneyland shirts for $5 each. A Mickey Mouse and Star Wars shirts for $12 each. 2 Disneyland photo frames for $5 each. 2 Mugs for $7 each and a Easter Mickey Mouse for $10. All together $70. Thats almost the price for 2 t-shirts in Disney World!

The next day I relaxed and started to take out the spring clothes.

Thu-Sun was work work work work.

Today woke up and got a call from my stuff. So all day long i've some what dealing with that with my mom. And around 330 i finally started to realx. Lets hope i still relax. Hope the rest of the week goes well!!

24th March 2015

7:27am: i am off!
It feels like forever but i am off. they had me working fri-mon at work. so i get 2 days off this week. other then that nothing really much is going on. as of now. hope the next 2 days are nice!

18th March 2015

12:52pm: Hump Day!
All i can say is glad last weekend is over. i had such a stressful weekend starting from last thursday evening. That day was cool. My friend Doug needed some help with his job so he called on me to join him to wipe some business computers so i had never done that before so it was a good learning experience all the way!!

Pass the stressful part of the weekend....monday was my appointment with the eye doctor who i had surgery with back in 2008. And it turns out she does not want to do surgery on my eyes which is a good thing because it would be a double edge sword. Keep the vision i have or put new lenses in so i can see far away great and take away my up close vision. So we said keep what I have.

Also over the weekend some things came in the mail i had ordered...
First thing is a converter that converts HDMI to Component Video (Red/Blue/Green)
it works great!!! Why did i order it? It was better to get that then spend more on another converter (over $100)

The second thing I had ordered was a triple feature since Easter is on its way, i thought i would enjoy some classic faith stories and I never viewed any of these.

 photo 95928_front_zpszfnfomjl.jpg

The second film i had ordered was last month and limited to 5000 copies.
 photo 120306_front_zpsbxxmhqmq.jpg

I am viewing it now, i also liked the film score by Bernard Hermann so that was one of the main reasons. Its also a 4k transfer not that means much.

9th March 2015

12:47pm: ice storm
Over the last almost month its been kind of busy. Lets see where do i start?

I went to a job interview in late February for a job at BCC. it was a job i had applied early in the year. i had even recorded the interview on my phone to listen to it on the way home. i thought i did well, but i take it the BCC past on me. its a shame that it was past. But i guess i have to think positive that the job was not for me and hope that God has other and I hope (bigger) plans for me this year.

Today I also got an e-mail from the county telling me they have past on me also for a job i had applied for. Again what i said up top. i told my self after getting the interview i said sean this interview is a bonus because i forgot i even applied for it. And I applied to 2 other jobs and no matter what i am still walking out with a job (the one i have now, granted its not much of a prize) but i did not get the first or second job. The third job i am waiting on for is the hospital job. So we shall see...

Now this is something i say from time to time in past journals but i hope i get a fench kiss and i have kind of beat my self up over it. in other words beat my self over being a late bloomer. Something that i can not help! i just get these wonderful life experiences every now and again and large gaps of time pass between. i guess i am that type of person that REALLY appreciates all those experiences when and after they happen. What do you think of being a late bloomer?

Other news is about 2 weeks ago i had to go to the eye doctor for a check up and a long story short i found out that i might have to have another eye surgery for my eyes very soon. Next monday i have to go do more eye tests for a few hours. So more details on that soon. I do have lots of things going on but just like to keep quiet.

18th February 2015

7:50am: Valentine's Day and more
My mom and I had a nice valentine's Day this year. We missing our dog Valentine of corse. But we had tall tails of him to tell that day. Anyways a few weeks ago I had bought mom some flowers well just because. I also a few weeks ago picked up some valentine's candy and a coffee cup for her. The dogs had and still have heart cookies to eat. For valentine's Day my mom gave me a record frame, as you can see the vertigo record soundtrack inside. She also picked up for 50 cents a John Williams album. Its filled with various space themes such as E.T., 2001, Star Trek (TV and TMP) Twilight Zone, Alien and Return of the Jedi.

 photo IMG_2139_zps80385790.jpg

Yesterday brought on a surprise, I got called for a job interview with BCC. It's for a job i had applied for in early January. I do not even remember applying for it. Its for a Part Time PC Tech. The interview is 3 for today. I have thought about the interview and kind of nerves but people know me there so I hope its not going to be a big deal and i freeze up. But be my self and talk about what I know. So I am going to wish me luck! Good luck Sean!

I thought about this last night, no matter what its a win/win thing because I have applied for 2 other jobs and right now i still have a job. I am just happy i was called in for an interview. The plan is to go in early today and get some advice. I also have a lunch date with a friend of mine and then later a dinner date with another friend of mine. So its going to be a busy day! Going to do the best i can!

2nd February 2015

2:39pm: i have wanted to set some time to write a journal so this is as good time as any i guess.

Lets see I have kind of going though "little house withdrawals" that show was so nice and perfect in many ways. last year at this time i will admit i had a "year theme" some what going it was to look for a job, get the job and then build my self back up. And a year later i look at my self and yes i am proud that i did that. But i took at my self this year and i feel like the "year theme" is not yet in place, meaning i am still some what struggling to find out what it will be. This may all sound a bit strange and it is. I want to get to the fun stuff

As I said back in December i had bought 2 twilight time blu rays wanted to post the covers of them
 photo 9QmPyaC_zps9f21c4c4.jpg

As I said before this was a great film. I viewed it twice in a week. It has an audio commentary track, isolated music score, trailer
The second film I had ordered was on sale a few yrs ago with 3000 copies and all sold out. This time i picked a copy up of
 photo 114907_front_zps7e199855.jpg

Some good bonus features on it its over 3 hours if you count the (2) commentary tracks/isolated music track, making of press kit from the 80s

I had ordered some items from amazon also. During Christmas time i started to listen to a Christmas album called Chant Noel, then i went into the collection and found chant 1 and 2 so i was listening to those. so i thought i would order chant 3 and 4 on cd. well 1 out of 2 came in the mail
 photo 415CCSACQBL_zps75aa1267.jpg
Have to say i like this cd, its kind of different then other 2 that i have (the singing i mean) but its a nice calm cool relaxing cd. Drawn to this music.

The next and final item i ordered was out in december but very limited. i kept on checking and i saw it in stock last week so i ordered it, i kind of feel bad i ordered it since i already have the cd version of the soundtrack. but to get it on record is kind of cool. i may end up buying a frame for it because its just cool.
 photo DOCLP115-Large_zpsea0ce706.jpg

28th January 2015

7:48am: en sti
As you know during the this month i have been sick, as I write this i am still sick. Back at work just very limited hours these days because they cut hours. I heard so one of the managers could get his bonus. I am still looking for other work. I re-applied to the hospital and went in to turn my resume in. They remembered me from the interview i had back in 2013. They would let me know in a few weeks. I'll check in every 2 weeks or so. I hope something good happens this time around.

I went to the Doctor this week for my sickness and he gave me some meds.

Last year around this time the press release for Little House on the Prairie came out and i was thinking about starting to look into buying it. Because my Grandmother use to love that show i thought i would like it and something inside me (or as i was saying last year my grandmother (who past away many yrs ago) was telling me to buy) well it turns out the few memories i have of her watching the show before she went to bed. And when i flipped channels and the show came on tv i just viewed the credits and started to cry because i had memories of her. And the point of this little part is i am almost finished with the series. 2 more shows left. i do not want the show to end. so much good lessons and values and as i say memories of my grandma. i feel that when the show ends my memories will end too. So I kind of am upset about that...kind of like the end of a really good book that you do not want to end. My life has gone on a journey with this show and i feel like i have kind of changed how life my life from viewing this show. Strange I know.

Last month or last year this DVD company had some movies on pre-order Fright Night from 1985 (re-released 5000 copies made this time over 3000) and The Bride Wore Black. i wanted to get both so i did. The other night I sat down and viewed The Bride Wore Black for the first time and all i can say is WOW! That was an amazing film! I had bought it for the film score by Bernard Hermann because on of the features on it was an Isolated Film Score track. And the score has never really gotten its own soundtrack only a cd with 5 selections from the score.

22nd January 2015

8:10am: still sick but an update
I felt like i had to write and give an update about my life so far.
I am still sick, meaning the ever lasting cough is still with me. I went back to work last weekend, which was kind of long and boring. Last weekend someone stole my aunts car from the parking lot of her apt. So from what Heard mom was trying to find her a car for a day or so looking online. Till sunday when she had found one. She wanted me to join monday to go see the car so the 3 of us went to see the car. Got home and someone who we knew had an internet question so i had to go over there later in the day. i go to the hospital to drop off my resume and cover letter for a job i want and have applied to 2 times pryer. later on i go see about the internet problem. i spent 30 min knocking at the wrong door. well did not get the router hooked up because there was a cable that was missing. so that was one day off. busy as you can tell

that tuesday my mom was helping rosie buy the car or just be with her. I took shelly to the vet because we had found something by her eye on Saturday and we thought it was cancer coming back or something in that nature. it turns out it was just fluid that was built up which was a relief. After the vet i took shelly up to the college so i could say hello to some teachers. they are doing well it seems. told Burt about some of the job updates and he feels positive about them. Which is good. he also says at least right now you have a job and bringing in some money. very true. So Came home around 130 with shelly, i had lunch with her. i bought both of us some McDonnell's. Watched Porky's which i had never seen before. So tired, long day.

I thought yesterday would be a normal day for me but it was not. I get a call from my aunt around 10am not even asking if she needed a ride to the court house because they had found her car for her. but expecting a ride. so from 10am-1215pm i drove her to the complex, helped her get her car back. ran to get the car, it would be a novel if i wrote that story up. so i get home at 1215 and i have some lunch. and try to have a normal rest of the day off. which kind of works. at this point my coughing is getting out of hand. i take some meds and later on i feel kind of tired and go up to bed at 6pm. the lights are out by 7pm. i am out like a light.

Today thursday i have to go into work again but at 4pm-9pm so going to try to have a normal half day off. i work again this weekend not too much. its thursday-sunday.

12th January 2015

8:48am: Rest in Peace Agnes Furey
On January 8th 2015 my Aunt Agnes past away in Wilmington NC with all of her daughters around. Today and tomorrow there will be services in Long Island, NY. She is already missed. On January 3rd while I was in St Patricks in the city I said a nice long prayer for her and the family. My mom and I are not going to Long Island this time because money is tight and i am just getting over the flu. My mom last made a visit to see Agnes on the 4th. I was also there but did not want to go in to visit her because i wanted to stay with the girls outside and see how they were doing, i was also sick. But i wanted my last memory of seeing her sitting in her living room at her house on Christmas talking about the Opera. She is now with her husband Bobby Furey (my uncle)both of them looking down on all of us. I should pass along and say that Uncle bob past away only a day later back in 2002. Both of them will rest in peace. My flash of them dancing at their wedding once again when she joined bob in Heaven.

5th January 2015

1:47pm: Sean's 34th Birthday Jan 2 2014 NYC Trip Jan 2-4 -FULL TRIP-
I wrote out a 12 page private Journal for my self by hand while in the city. So this will the the highlight journal. Not sure how long or detailed it will be but here it goes.

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31st December 2014

9:36am: 2014 A LOOK BACK
Reading past journals of the year i saw that the first part of the year was well kind of tough from not having a job, dead end leads for jobs, and still looking for a job to the news about kelly's premiere got me upset for a dumb reason. Most of the time i was feeling sorry for my self because I had no job and other things. my bank account was getting lower each month and something had to happen. Spring time came by i was looking for jobs online and even going door by door and nothing. One day walking in town i found a job helping cleaning a motel in town, well i took the job. I had a job for around a month helping cleaning and odds and ends. Gave me some money in my pocket.

Now this year was not just about getting a job it was about learning as much as i can. I some how stumbled onto Plex (i saw it online a few yrs ago and liked what i saw) and it turns out i had taken a class in servers but i did not do well. So this was my chance to do better and learn on my own. i took 4-6 months but i put all my movies onto a hard drive. i know how to use and run a media server. That was a big goal because i was only talking about it early in the year but i got the guts to learn about use it my self.

Late April I was in walmart looking for something and i saw Brad said hello to him and he asked me how am i in hardware? i told him i was good i guess. Well the job interview was set for the next day. Mid May of the year I get a job at wal-mart in the hardware dept. I still am working there today. Even though the job gets on my nerves i am very blessed to have a job t his time of year because last year i had no job. i know many other people do not have jobs and wish what i have.

So durning the summer I pick up the jurassic park soundtrack on vinyl and still love it today! Under the Dome came into town once or twice, went down to see them. A show called Secrets and Lies came into town with Ryan Phillippe and i worked on that for a day with some friends. I got my love of the film business back. Wanting to get back into it. 2 more films were going to film in Wilmington later in the year but I past on them.

The fall was nice because my mom and i went down to Disney World and that was such a nice break and a joy for both of us a nice time to have fun. Another thing impacted my life this year and funny enough it was a TV Show. Little House on the Prairie. My grandma loved that show and during the year the show started come out on blu ray so i picked them up and i have enjoyed the show ever since. happy memories of grandma come to life when i see that show. i cry at the opening credits but happy tears. Music has also helped me a lot this year from the new U2 song in Feb to the new album in Sept. Music of John Williams and Bernard Hermann.

So this year had a theme and it was starting out from scratch and build my self back up from the bottom floor and in December of 2014 I have to say that I am still am building my self back up, i have come a long way but i reached some goals, i got a job and money being saved up. What will 2015 hold for me? More of the same? I will just shoot for the stars more real small goals i can achieve and dream big. I know i can get a job, i know i can save money. 2015 will start off with a bang because on my Birthday I'll be heading to NYC. 2015 the year for travel again? who knows? it will be a good one!

30th December 2014

6:41pm: Movies of 2014 seen in theater for the yr
1-Wolf of Wall street
2-Son of God
3-Non Stop
4-muppets most wanted
5-captain america winter soldier
7-amazing spider-man 2
9-Transformers 4
10-Dawn of the planet of the apes
11-Guardians of the Galaxy
12-the hundred foot journey
13-into the storm
15-the judge
17-The Hobbit the battle of five armys
8:21am: Christmas Time 2014
 photo get-attachmentaspx_zps121d5bf1.jpeg</a>

These are my Christmas Gifts of 2014. Some radio shows, shirt, scarf, socks. body wash, soap, a book, candy, iTunes cards, sunglasses.

On christmas day my mom and i gave each other our gifts. I gave her my 6 month project i have been working on and she has enjoyed it and loves it very much. That morning we had breakfast and watched the Disney World Christmas parade, which was nice but this year they seemed to focus more on the singers then anything. We picked up my aunt and went to wilmington to spend it with family. We got to my other aunts house (all of her daughters have moved here) and It was very nice to see all of them under tough times. Their mom is not doing very well as I have said, she has alz and cancer is back. But we all started talking and some how the opera was a topic she was stuck on and wanting to talk about it. So we spoke about the opera. I am looking at this from a positive point of view now because she was in a wheel chair but having found memories of the opera and thinking of how life was a long time ago. It was very tough on her daughters because they are taking care of her 24/7 and we are just the visitors. An hour later we went to my cusants house for dinner and to be with the rest of the family. The mood at her house was nice and many people like how we use to spend Christmas many moons ago. It was a good way for people to get their minds off their troubles if only for a little while. But at times i feel it was tough on everybody, but the point was it was Christmas and everyone was together, it might have not been in the right spirits but the family was together again. Later that night we came home, tired a little sad but happy to see family. it was an early night. Opened up some radio shows and started to listen and drifted into dreamland.

22nd December 2014

8:39am: Still a bit sick but i think its starting to leave my body. i just do not have enough hours to get a full recovery. Anyways some some what bad news on my end. we are going to see family at christmas, no thats not bad but my aunt's health is failing very fast and they do not know how long.... it sucks but i know she wants to back to be with uncle bob. going to try to make the best of it all like the last time i saw the family back in october. enjoy the time that we do have with each other.

went to a christmas party last night. it was fun. did not stay too long but thats alright. i wanted to get home and get to bed. glad to be off.

16th December 2014

5:00pm: The weekend was very long for me. I was very tired but was working. on top of that, i came down with what i had in september which was almost a sore throat and a bad cough and now i kind of have both. i spent 90% of monday in bed taking care of my self. Today it was a mix of both, trying to get out well more down stairs then anything. cleaning my computer for the year...well this is now the second time of the year because of the new HD i had to buy. I missed out on viewing the hobbit with some friends but it was a super late showing. Just a mix of emotions lately, happy to sad to mad. Unsure why? But i guess its the holidays. I am almost finished with my christmas gift i am going to try to finish it tomorrow. i go back into work on thursday but really unsure about going in because of my health, the hours are 12pm-9pm. So many people are sick and on top of that random people cough into the air and not into their arm like they should. So I'll have to see what tonight brings. Hope i'll be better by the morning.

8th December 2014

7:57am: a december update
I have not posted anything in 2 or 3 weeks it feels like. well its because i have been working a lot lately. i sadly worked thru thanksgiving so i missed out on being with my own family. i had found out some news that was kind of sad afterwords. but we will all be with each other at christmas time. last week i only had 2 days off. so its kind of been non stop. looking forward to finding a new job next year. But i keep on reminding my self last year at this time I had no job. I am blessed to have a job this holiday season and this year. The other day we got %25 off of things so i just picked up some gift items to give out to a few friends.

So today is my first real first day of rest. looking forward to it.
last week i did some post black friday shopping of my own. i picked up Linchon and War Horse for cheap. And season 9 of smallville. All were very cheap. Lets see what other things are going on...getting ready for Christmas putting up the decorations. today i am going to make the outside look nice.

So U2 is going back out on tour but a very limited base and will be in NY at the end of July of next year. I have been thinking about trying to get a ticket but its all the way in july and i have already spend my graduation money for my upcoming birthday trip. i already priced how much going to see the band would cost me if i were to fly, concert ticket, hotel - a little over $1000 and thats mid year 2015. NO CLUE what my life will be like then. So unsure about the whole thing. I can try i guess. i looked into a past journal and it looked like i was able to get a ticket 10 years ago at first for $109 but i past on it i said that cost almost as much as a box set of every album they had put out at that point. then a few days later i was able to get a ticket for $54, was not the best seat but it was a cheap seat.

Also i was just at a concert last month with friends. And going to that concert for 12 hours cost a lot of money not just for my self but for my friend Doug, he bought 10 tickets (he was paid back) + rented a van + gas for van + food = over $1000 for 12 hours. Now I paid $85 for ticket + $15 for gas + $35 for dinner + $60 for vinyl record but do not get me wrong looking back on that night it was a fun night out with friends but thinking back it went oh so very fast and now its just a happy memory. i am glad i did that. Looking back on past concerts all were happy memories. So just unsure about getting a ticket for the U2 show.
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